Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine Review

Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine

A rowing machine creates an overall healthy balance in your workout session so; it can be a great addition to your gym. Indoor rowing machines now come a long way with varieties of improvement.  Having a rower like Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine right there in your home gym can be the push that you need to move your muscle in a challenging and comfortable way.

Before buying a rowing machine, you have to have some prior knowledge as there are lot many rower machines on the market. This f row is an economical indoor rower; it will mimic the position of actual water rowing at home.

One of the amazing features we found useful that this rower comes with a universal phone holder where you can watch videos, listen to songs, chat and lastly with the free workout app you can sync your performance. Sounds good? Let’s see what else this indoor rowing machine offers us.

Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine Overview

If your concern about the space of your home gym then this Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine will serve your purpose; it is lightweight and compact. The two hydraulic cylinders provide smooth and strong resistance like you are doing the real water rowing.

For making the workout time fun, this smart rowing machine comes with a universal phone holder, which allows you to all Smartphone things while doing the workout.

This indoor rower features the latest technology which tracks your workout data and trainer plan with Fitbill workout app through a Bluetooth connection. All you need to do is enable the Bluetooth; the app will connect automatically.


  • Fitbill app tracker
  • Universal phone holder
  • Handlebars: non-slip grip
  • Foot pedals: Yes, Anti-slip
  • Tension System: Hydraulic Cylinder (adjustable)
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs.
  • Slide Rail Length: 41″

Product Dimensions: 42.5″L x 26″W

Feature Analysis

3.1Free Fitbill workout app

For tracking your strokes, speed, distance, and calories, this rower comes with Fitbill workout app. The latest technology syncs your performance automatically. This will provide a boost to accomplish your fitness goals.

3.2Smartphone holder

To avoid boredom and make your workout fun, this rower has universal smartphone holder; you can watch videos, listen to music or even chat with your friends while you work out.

3.3Adjustable resistance

This indoor rowing machine comes with two hydraulic cylinders which provide smooth but strong resistance for users from beginner to professionals. This will mimic the position of real water rowing.

3.4Large & padded seat

This rower has Dimension: 15 x 12 x 2 inches Comfortable seat. This large padded seat will provide you utmost comfort during long workouts.

3.5Strap-in foot pedals

For a total body workout, you need to adjust footing position first. Good news is this rowing machine has Anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable self-adhere straps for secure footing.

Pros & Cons


  • Space saving design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Performance Tracker
  • Universal phone holder


  • For the professional gym use, it is not recommended

Final Verdict

Having a rowing machine in your home gym can offer lots of benefits. This Fitbill f.Row Smart Rowing Machine is convenient, affordable, and effective and offers total body workout at your preferred time. This rower will improve your flexibility and mobility and make you fit for almost every sport than before.

This Fitbill f.Row is an indoor rowing machine; it is perfect for personal indoor use. Well, the most important thing for you to get on a rowing machine and start rowing. The best rowing machine is the one that fits your budget and body. So, consider all these factors and buy the best one!

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