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Top Ten Rowing Machine Techniques for Beginners

rowing machine techniques for beginners
Written by Sharon Williams
Last Update: December 8, 2022

A rowing machine can be your best friend if you want to seriously get in shape. I was often called a fatso in my younger days and my dad brought me one of the rowing machines and it literally changed my life. The first few days was not easy though. It took me sometimes before I could master the rowing machine techniques. But, once I was familiarized with the whole technique; there was no stopping back.

Since then I have tried different types of the rowing machine. From water based to magnetic field based, from air based to mechanical field based, every day was a new experience. During my time I have come to learn various techniques to work on my whole body. You see, if you simply follow one technique then you will not get a full body work out. All of the exercises will go to a specific region of your body. But, if you follow some strict rowing machine technique then you will get the full benefits of a full body workout.

So, today I am going to guide you through the ten most essential workouts to help you get in shape in time. Some of these rowing machine exercises are at the beginner level while a=others are more advanced. But, if you simply follow the instructions then you will have no problems in performing these exercises.

Rowing Technique for Beginners

Strokes for Air Powered Rowers

There are mainly three types of rowing techniques for the air powered rowers. You just need some accessories for you to get started with the strokes. You can have the most real rowing experience when you are using an air rower and these techniques will help you to get the best out of those strokes.

One ARM Left Sided Strokes

One armed stroke has been a very favorite type of rowing machine technique for the professionals for a very long time. The users get to enjoy the advantage of using their one hand and full strength. This lets them work on a specific arm area.

One ARM Left Sided Strokes

How to Do It : Set the pressure level according to your strength. Then, use one hand and both of your legs to complete the rowing action. Use the stroke slowly and take as much as time as you want.

Things to Remember : Do not use too much pressure as you might get injured. You can use a more comfortable grip to avoid bruises.

Mid Way Spilt Strokes

A midway split is an interesting way to row at a fast pace. The gym goers use the mid-way splits to keep the rowing fun and also to increase their agility. You can read complete tips and tricks article in order to figure out how the split is perfectly done.

Mid Way Spilt Strokes

How to Do It : Start you’re rowing in the normal style as instructed. Then, change your hand’s position in a cross style midway through the strokes. Repeat the process while releasing the handle as well.

Things to Remember : Take it slow while you are rowing, you do not have to hurry the process or you might miss the handle and get injured.

Increased Leg Pull Strokes

You get to work specifically on your leg if you use this rowing machine technique. The professionals use this to enjoy the benefits of a concentrated exercise.

How to Do It : You need to adjust your seats further from the foot stand then you need to adjust the pressure. Now, you have to put more pressure on your legs while keeping them straight to complete the stroke.

Things to Remember : Set the pressure on the machine to a minimum. Otherwise, your hands will get tired very soon.

Strokes for Water Powered Rowers

Water powered rowers are known for their versatility as well as real-life feeling. Experts believe that you feel like you are using a boat when you are in a water-based rower. So, it has more realistic and natural movements than any other rowing machines.

Strokes for Water Powered Rowers

Mid Way Cross Strokes

Midway cross in the perfect exercise for those of us who want to work on their upper body. This helps to improve your shoulder blades as well as your core.

How to Do It : This is similar to mid-way split but instead of expanding your arms, you need to curl up your arms in a cross position. This will give you more strength on the lower back. Repeat the process.
Things to Remember : Be sure to have a large handle when you are performing a mid-way cross otherwise you will not be able to cross your arms properly.

Mid Way Cross Strokes

Body Wave Strokes

In this rowing machine technique, you need to move your body in a wavy motion. This helps you with the balance and selecting your core power.

How to Do It : Perform the curling motion in a normal and natural way. Once you are ready to expand, create a small wave with your body on the way.

Things to Remember : Do not overdo the wave as you might fall off from the seat if you overdo it. Keep it short and subtle.

Strokes for Magnetic Powered Rowers

Magnetic powered rowers are the most affordable kind compared with other power rowers. It helps you to perform the rowing action with less sound and more swift. So, many home trainer prefers the magnetic rower over the other rowers.

Strokes for Magnetic Powered Rowers

Right Handed Single Strokes

This is a beginner’s rowing machine technique. When you are a beginner and just getting started on the rowing scene but also want to have some variety then you can try this exercise.

How to Do It : Adjust your rower’s pressure to your one arm’s strength and the start of the rowing action. Keep it steady and slow to work out all of your muscle form the single hand.

Things to Remember: Remember to have the equal number of strokes with each hand to have the same results from them.

Right Handed Single Strokes

Curling Semi Strokes

If you are looking for a more advanced and tougher challenge with your rowing machine then this is the technique for you. It is tough so you need have proper control over your core in order to perform this.

How to Do It : Start your rowing in the normal position and when you are halfway through, curl your body as far as you can. This gives you increased muscle strength.

Things to Remember : This is also an advanced workout so you need to have higher end gadgets. Have a rower that is preferred by the editors.

Strokes for Electric Powered Rowers

If I am being honest then I must say that electrically powered rowers are the most special ones. They have more features and controllability than any other rowers and that’s why you can try different types of rowing machine techniques on them. You can fine-tune each and every action as well.

Strokes for Electric Powered Rowers

Increased Beat Rate Strokes

In this type of rowing action, you get to do the rowing in a faster term. This helps to increase your speed as well as your response time. Plus, it also works on your core and balance.

Increased Beat Rate Strokes

How to Do It : You need to start by adjusting the beat rate on your rower. Then you need to flex your muscle and start rowing according to the beat rate shown on the rower screen. You should go faster than usual to get the full benefits.

Things to Remember : Do not perform this exercise for a long period of time. You will get exhausted very soon.

Time Lapsed Strokes

This is a more clever approach to rowing. You need to relax your muscle and row at a slower pace in this technique. This is relaxing and beneficial at the same time.

How to Do It: Adjust the lower pressure to a minimum. Now, take the handle and pull it closer in a very slow manner and release it faster. Repeat the process.

Things to Remember : Do not rush the process or you will not get the benefit from this workout.

Time Lapsed Strokes

Full Curl Strokes

Finally, the full curl strokes are for those who have ultimate control over their body. This requires high core balance and great flexibility. This will increase your endurance level.

How to Do It : Have a higher level of pressure set on your rower. Then curl up your body in full motion then start rowing as fast as you can.

Things to Remember : Do not forget to have a flexible seat and a stable rower. Otherwise, it will be tough to stay on balance.

You can get your dream body if you follow these rowing machine techniques. I know I did. So, keep working until you see the perfect you. With that note, I am signing off. Take care.

Full Curl Strokes

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