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About Us

Who Are We?

Fittingguy is a reliable place inviting people who really mean to achieve the absolute benefits of physical workouts but do not want to undergo the stress of going outdoors. We are not your fitness trainers, at least not like the gym pros. Rather, we are your buddies trying to find you a great solution to help you with the fitness plan and save you the rigors of outdoor exercises through the best rowing machine.

Our Story

We had to pass our rainy days just because we did not want to get obese and follow the hard ways to achieve a sound physique. We had no idea about the easy way to stay fit until the discovery of the great piece of equipment, the best rowing machines. We all love these machines because of the many benefits they accompany.

We dedicated many of our valuable years to find the right pieces and the ways to utilize these machines. We cannot guarantee that we have become successful, but we take pride in what we do for our fellows both here and out there. We still buy rowing machines that come on sale. Test them, and research techniques to use them to our benefits.

We used to buy power tools like pole saws and chain saws and put them to use on many occasions. What we would miss at times is the precision and comfort. After being mindful of the matter and gathering years of practical working experiences, we have come to this state that enables us to tell something very concrete and authentic about the best pole saw.

Our Mission

Nothing massive!

We love to share our memories, experiences, and insights which we have gathered during a lot of real-life events. We want to help every fitness lover around us and at distances with their search for and experiments with rowing machines. We believe everyone deserves to maintain a comfortable way to stay fit.

The Fitting Guy Teams


Sharon Williams

A Certified Dietitian

This is Sharon, addressing those who are currently spending some time at the local gym or planning to opt in for a particular program. Among my friends and relatives, I got a lot of people who went to the gym, took exercises for months or years, and had patience to see a fit, strong, and perfect body, but in vain. Some of them used to complain against the instructors while some of them against the equipment and tools. However, nobody would talk about the diet and nutrition they were receiving. How could they tell? I guess most of them didn’t have the idea that a balanced diet should be the foremost thing to ensure while working out regularly. Here I got the motivation to go ahead with the subject. Truly speaking, I enjoy working on this track because it feels like helping out those who really need. Are you one of them? Let’s see my blog posts on this website!



Thomas Bailey

A Gym Equipment Expert

I’m Thomas, a healthy guy as people often say. During the 90s when I frequented local gyms, I used to experience an issue that few people could tell knowledgeably when and which piece of equipment to use or work with for which specific part of the body. I won’t tell ‘nobody’ could, but there was lack of perfect guidelines and decisive mentorship when it comes to weightlifting, exercise, and bodybuilding. Since then, I spent so much of my time and patience in finding out the reality about the different tools, exercise units, and equipment that anybody would tell it was going to be my profession, but that’s not really going to happen. However, it has been my pursuit for half the decade. I help, guide, and talk to people who I come across. You’re welcome to take a look at my posts.