How To Use Rowing Machine At Gym?

Many fitness enthusiasts use rowing machine to get the full body workout from a single device. It is easy and relaxing and at the same time, you can get both upper body and lower body movement from it. If used properly. This can get you in the perfect shape in no time. So, today we are going to show you how to use the rowing machine properly when you are in the gym.

Rowing machine not only burns your calories but also increases the flexibility and movement of your body. Other gym instrument targets a specific muscle part of the body but the rowing machine targets the whole body. The motion starts from the hand and ends at your feet, covering the movement of your whole body.

It also improves your core power and gives you more balance of your body. You can get a more toned body if you decide to use the rowing machine regularly and properly. It can be used as a get cross-functional workout. Plus, the rowing machine is easy to use and understand, making it a popular choice for the fitness fanatic.

We have structured this article in three definite steps.

  • Defining Your Needs
  • How To Use and
  • Do’s and Do Not’s

Defining Your Needs

You have to figure out how many calories you want to lose after your workout. You have to use the rowing machine according to that need to get the results that you want. If you are looking to warm up while using the rowing machine then your regime will be light and fast. But, if you are looking to burn more calories then your regime will be hard and slow.

So, firstly you need to check how much calories you want to burn as you use rowing machine. Then you may move forward to the action. You may also check the amount of time you wish to stay in the gym. You may put more or less pressure setting on the rowing machine depending on that.


How To Use

You need to follow some basic steps to get yourself well positioned into the rowing machine. Here are the steps;

The Beginning Adjustments
You need to make some adjustment in order to make sure that you are comfortable in your position and that you are secure. This stops you from falling off of the rowing machine and gives you the comfort that you need.

  • Adjust Your Feet Well Into The Straps
  • Make Sure That Your Back Is In A Secured Position
  • Adjust The Seat’s Height And Position If Necessary
  • Rearrange The Face Of The Rowing Handle According To Your Motion Types


Getting Into Motion

There are 3 different motions that you need to know about if you want to use rowing machine. The whole workout gets completed during this three motions. These are;

  • The Catch:You need to get your hands on the handle, keep your arms straight and bend your knee muscles to flex. You need to bring your shoulder closer to your core and use maximum strength while using your hands. You may do the catch faster or slower depending on your needs.
  • The Drive:This is a relatively specific step to use rowing machine. You transfer your strength on your legs and push against the rowing walls while expanding your core. You also need to flex your hands in an upper position and bend at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that the handle comes a few inches above your belly button.
  • The Finish:The finishing movement is much like the catch in a reverse manner. You need to flex your legs again in order to catch the handles from its original position. Your core and shoulder should come closer and your legs should be more flexible.

You have to keep repeating this process until you have completed your routine for that day. You may go faster or slower depending on your stamina and your need

Do’s and Do Not’s

There are some common mistakes that people make while they use rowing machine. You should try to avoid these in order to get the maximum benefits from the machine. These are;

The Do’s

  • Use Your core in order to achieve the motion and the proper drive
  • Adjust Your Back Properly to distribute the pressure from the rowing machine
  • Keep your hands and feet connected on the same line to balance your core

The Do Not’s

  • Do Not Forget To Check The Machine Settings according to your needs
  • Do not simply use your arms in the process. Use your core and your legs as well in order to complete the motions
  • Do not force your hands and legs at the same time. Follow in order to achieve the right motion.
  • Avoid flexing your behind in order to get the force onto your hands.

Well, guys, that was all we had to say on how to use rowing machine properly at your gym. If you simply follow these steps then you will be a pro at rowing in no time. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. Work hard until you get to your perfect shape. Remember, every stroke matters.

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