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Do Push Ups Work Your Biceps – A Killer Move for Upper Body Strength

Do Push Ups Work Your Biceps
Written by Sharon Williams

From the dawn of human existence, people explored, analyzed, and experimented with different types of exercise to build their bodies and strength. Pushups have been the most common and popular exercise for centuries. Traditionally pushups are the exercise to develop the muscle of your chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, the question is how effective are pushups for your biceps? Let’s analyze some facts about pushups and biceps to form a resolution to the question “do pushups work biceps”.

What Are Pushups?

There is no doubt that pushups are the most important exercise for making your body fit and built up. They are also very popular among the fitness enthusiasts because of their simplicity and effectiveness. You don’t need any tools to do pushups. You can do push-ups anywhere you want. Yet, pushups help to build your body in numerous ways. They build tour chest, shoulder, abdomen, and arms.

The basic rule for pushup is that you have to keep your body on your hands and toes keeping your back straight. Your feet cannot be apart more than 12 inches from each other. In a normal pushup, your hands must align with your shoulders. Now, you have to bend your arms to lower your body to the ground and then you have to push yourself back up. This pushing your body back up is called a pushup. Repeating this procedure is called pushups.

What Are Biceps?

You must have seen the biceps of John Cena and become jealous of his biceps. Don’t be disheartened! You too have biceps in your both hands. Biceps is the muscle of the front part of your upper arms. Your biceps generally pops out when you bend your muscle toward you. Though it’s no way near John Cena’s biceps, it has the same name ‘biceps’.

There are a “short head” and a “long head” in your biceps that function as a single muscle (see the image). Your biceps is attached to your arm bones by some tough conjugative tissues which are called tendons. Push ups for biceps harden these tissue to build your biceps.

Push UPS for Biceps

Biceps are generally built by pulling; rather than pushing. Typically, pushups are not the exercise for your biceps. However, from the mentioned fact, we cannot come to a resolution of the question “do push ups work biceps”. Because there are some types of pushups that work really well for your biceps.

Inside Pushups

The inside pushup targets your biceps and the muscles in your upper back. It is one of the best push ups for biceps.

best push ups for biceps

  • Keep your hands as close as you can; the perfect gap between your hands for the inside pushups is not more than 3 inches.
  • Then follow the basic rule of pushups.

This exercise makes your arms bend more. Bending more creates a pressure for your biceps and help it build more. So, inside push ups for biceps works really well.

Single-Arm Pushups

Single-arm pushups also build your biceps as well as other body parts such as your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Single-Arm Pushups

  • Take the usual position of the typical pushup.
  • Now, keep just one of your hands on the floor and the other hand on your back.
  • Now, push yourself up and repeat the process.

This is a very difficult type of pushup. If you are not strong enough to do this exercise, avoid doing it. These single-arm push ups for biceps should not be repeated more than 10 times on each hand.

Tips for Beginners!

There are some tips for the beginners who want to do push ups for biceps:

  • If you are a beginner and you think you are not fit enough, simply don’t try the push ups for biceps. They might be harmful to you. Try the typical pushups; not the bicep push ups.
  • If you are a beginner but you think you are fit and you have the required strength to do all types of push-ups, take your time and try the typical pushups first. Then, when you are confident enough, go for the bicep push ups.
  • However, if you fail in your first few attempts to do the typical push-ups, don’t let it discourage you. Try again. Take help of others if needed.
  • Try to do the basic pushups correctly. If you feel that you’re not doing it correctly, take help from a professional. S/he will help you do it correctly.

Finally, let’s come to the resolution of the question we tried to analyze throughout this article: do push ups work. The answer to that question should be in the affirmative with a ‘but’. So, the resolution we have reached is that typical pushups do not work for your biceps but some special types of pushups which you can call ‘push ups for biceps’ do work effectively.

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Sharon Williams

A Certified Dietitian

This is Sharon, addressing those who are currently spending some time at the local gym or planning to opt in for a particular program. Among my friends and relatives, I got a lot of people who went to the gym, took exercises for months or years, and had patience to see a fit, strong, and perfect body, but in vain. Some of them used to complain against the instructors while some of them against the equipment and tools. However, nobody would talk about the diet and nutrition they were receiving. How could they tell? I guess most of them didn’t have the idea that a balanced diet should be the foremost thing to ensure while working out regularly. Here I got the motivation to go ahead with the subject. Truly speaking, I enjoy working on this track because it feels like helping out those who really need. Are you one of them? Let’s see my blog posts on this website!

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