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How to Choose a Rowing Machine – What You Should Know

How to Choose a Rowing Machine
Written by Sharon Williams
Last Update: December 8, 2022

Choosing the right kind of rowing machine can be tough at times. There are plenty of options in the market right now. So, you might get confused to find out which rowing machine to buy. You can start by knowing the types of rowing machines available on the market right now. Then, you have to match your need with the types. For an effective buying decision, you also need to consider your budget limitation.

How Do You Know What Rowing Machine To Buy?

Types of Rowing Machine

Air Powered Rowing Machines

There is air friction available between the rowers which control the rowing mechanism. You can consider this rowing machine to buy if you want more glide in your rowing actions.

Air Powered Rowing Machines

Hydraulic Powered Rowers

A hydraulic structure is the principal component of the construction of this type. It has a hydraulic open and pushes mechanism inside it which allows the users to control the tension and the pressure of the machine.

Hydraulic Powered Rowers

Magnetic Powered Machines

The tension of this kind of rowers is based on the magnetic pulling system. The users must work against the force of the magnetic field to carry on their rowing action.

Magnetic Powered Machines

Water Based Rowers

Water baser rowers are the lesser used kind in the market right now. Sometimes they tend to be a bit expensive. These rowers give you the real feeling of rowing in the water, but it also needs more space.

Water Based Rowers

So, now that you have the brief idea about the types and the kinds of rowers let’s make a preference checklist. Through this checklist, you will be able to know what to expect from a rower.

Considerable Factors


You should definitely look at your budget while making a purchasing decision. If you have a limited budget, you should look for limited features but solidly built rowers.

Considerable Factors-Budget


If you are looking to buy a rower for your home usage, then you must consider the amount of space that you would need. If you have enough space, then you can choose whatever you want. But, if you have a little amount of space then consider buying a compact model.

Considerable Factors- Space


You must also consider which rowing machine to buy by analyzing the amount of power they consume. Some rowers do not need any power supply, but some do. So, if you are looking to save power, you should avoid the power consuming ones.

Considerable Factors- Power

Portability and Storage Options

You should check whether you can store and transfer your machine quickly or not. If it can be stored easily, it is always a plus because we seldom have big closets.

Portability and Storage Options

Number of Users

You should consider the number of users who would be using the rower and the frequency of the use. If the frequency is high, you should look for a rower with a sturdy build.

Number of Users


Finally, you have to rethink your purpose. What is the goal you look forward to achieving with your rowing machine? If you simply want to have the muscles toned, you do not need more power and serious features. But, if you want to get a super build, you need a more powerful machine with great features.

Considerable Factors-Purpose

In this article, you haven’t found a long list of rowing machines with their highlights. But, you have been offered more valuable pieces of information about the workout tool. With the above preferences in knowledge, knowing which rowing machine to buy becomes easy and hassle free.

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