Rowing Machine Muscle Building Facts

Have you been using the rowing machine for a long, long time but do not know everything about that wonderful equipment? Here, I’m presenting the top ten rowing machine muscle building facts that every serious athlete should know about. These facts will tell you how to make the best use of your rowing machine and at the same time tell you some unknown secrets about the equipment as well.

My dad bought me my first rowing machine when I was only 14. I was  very lean , unlike my dad who was well built. The rowing machine helped me to get in shape in a matter of a month, so I started fascinating about the creation of this wonderful machine. Thus I came to know some facts that are exciting and eye-opening at the same time. So, I thought you guys should know about my findings as well.

This list contains some fun facts and some important facts at the same time. So, without further delay; let us move on to the top ten rowing machine muscle building facts that might blow up your mind;

 Rowing Is The Best Exercise To Build Up Lean Muscle

It is a proven fact that if you want lean muscle, then there is no better alternative than the rowing machine. You can work on your whole body at the same time when you are using a rowing machine. Thus, you get to enjoy more out of the muscular built body and enjoy building a strong body on the leaner side.

You Can Easily Burn 10 Calories Per Minute

If you try hard, then you will be able to burn out ten calories per minutes on the rowing machine. This will not take you too long to accelerate. And since the rowing machine targets your whole body; you do not need any concentrated pieces of training or rowing actions at all. Your breathing rate will not overpass you during this session which is always a plus point.

You Can Easily Burn 10 Calories Per Minute

The Idea of Rowing Machine First Came to Life In The Late 1800s

Well, some of these rowing machine muscle building facts are dated. You will be surprised to know that the boat rowing was one of the most popular sports at that time. So, people started to want for rowing actions inside their home as well and thus the birth of rowing machines tool place. You might have heard about this incident from a  well-written review that talks about the history of the rowing machine.t;


Rowing Is Originally Treated As A Major Olympic Game In Modern Times

Back when the ice dancing was not the talk of the town; people would get pretty excited about the rowing. The rowers in Olympic Games were treated with special respect because they had to perform the rowing in a very open wave. The athletes back then were all lean built which was a cult back then, and people used to follow them.


Rowers In Professional Games Usually Tend To Be Very Tall

The average height of the male rower is around 6.5 inches, and for females, it is around 5.11 inches. This is because a taller rower has more widespread hand and thus he can row faster and stronger than a smaller person. For many days this was the common phenomena until the introduction of mass muscle took place. Now the rowing team is more mixed and diverse than before. Now it is all about absolute synchronization.


There Was A Time When Gas Based Rower Was Used In Major Universities

You have heard that right. This is one of the strangest rowing machine muscle building facts around. Back when the invention of magnetic rowers was still on the hold; people were pretty fond of the gas-based rowers. Thus many universities adapted to the system and started putting such rowers in their gym facilities. After the invention of magnetic rowers, the gas-based rowers almost became obsolete.

The Popularity of Rowing Machines Declined Because of the Introduction of Treadmills

After treadmill was invented, people showed more attractions toward them and less of the rower machine. SO, it gradually started to lose its attraction among the buyers. But, after it was discovered that rower could provide a full body workout; people soon got back to the old techniques. The rowers became famous again at the beginning of the 21st century.


Experts Believe That You Need to Properly Warm Up Before Starting Rowing Machine

Well, this is one of the lesser known rowing machine muscle building facts. Many people think that rowing is super easy and thus jump straight in the rower. But, you should know that
experts believe that you need to perform a good amount of warm up before starting to row. This will help you to get a good grip on your breathing, so this is an absolute must for all the rowers out there.

 You Need To Spend Time of The Cooling Down Process To Get Full Benefits

Just like the warm-up exercise, you must also follow a cooling down session for the rowing workout. Rowing takes up a lot of energy, so if you start to do another exercise just after completing the rowing, then you might end up with muscle injuries. So, you must take around 10 minutes to cool off after you are done with your rowing.

 Least Amount Of Accessories Is Needed In The Rowing Process

The rowing machine is very different than the other workout techniques in this field. You do not need a lot of  accessories to get the full benefits of rowing. You also do not need a lot of  tips and tricks as well. If you focus on your breathing and your balance, then you will be able to get the most benefits from the rowing actions. It is not hard at all; you have to follow the manuals, and you will be able to do just fine.


That is all the facts that I have on the rowing machine. I hope you have learned something new from these rowing machine muscle building facts. I hope it will be handy for you the next time you go to work out on the rowing machine. Keep working on your body until you feel like you have reached the most beautiful version of yourself. Until then, have a good day. See you next time on another rowing machine  related blog.

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