How to assemble a Total Gym Force

The Total Gym Force is a piece of home gym equipment that is similar to a rowing machine. The equipment has a pulley mechanism attached to a padded board that slides when kept inclined. When you push or pull the handles, the glide board moves accordingly. The weight of the board plus the weight of your body is the total weight you pull or push, so if you want to increase the weight you want to pull or push, you can adjust the rail with the preferred angle to get the desired weight. This enables users to get a total body workout in a very little time.

The simple design of the equipment makes it possible to help users with a number of exercises without making any adjustments to its body. Total Gym Force can easily be folded flat, so it is easy to store.

What makes the Total Gym Force one of the best?

The Total Gym Force is an all-in-one equipment that enables users to perform 60 different exercises. This makes the Total Gym Force a highly versatile equipment. It also has two workout DVDs that educates users on how to get the most of the unit. You may call it the ultimate Total Gym workout plan. Some actions as instructed by the Total Gym workout plan should force your muscles to stabilize the joints as they exert power. You may be able to notice the difference if one arm pushes or pulls a bit more than the other.

In addition, Total Gym Force eliminates the use of multiple equipment and helps to save space. You can purchase one and set it up in your home so that you can get a quick 30-minute exercises every day without having to go the gym.

This home gym equipment is therefore one of the best in its class, surpassing the previously best Total Gym 1500 home gym.

Assembling the Total Gym Force

Although the Total Gym Force comes pre-assembled, you may need to attach some of the attachments by yourself to complete the setup process. The process of assembly is simple and straightforward, and you may follow the following steps to complete the process all by yourself.

Step 1: Unpacking the product

When unpacking the Total Gym Force, you will find the following Total Gym accessories inside the box:

  • The user guide
  • 12 resistance settings
  • 60 complete exercises
  • Padded pillow
  • Nylon handles for wider motion ranges
  • AbCrunch board
  • Wing attachments
  • Leg pull assembly
  • Dip bars
  • Press up bars
  • Squat stand
  • Anti-skid mat
  • Total Gym workout chart
  • Two workout DVDs
  • Nutrition guide
  • Meal planner

Step 1 _ Unpacking the product

Step 2: Basic setup

Keep the Total Gym Force on the floor with the glideboard facing upwards and shifted as far toward the front crossbar as possible. Hold onto the top of the product and pull it outwards so that the Total Gym Force spreads out. Be sure to remove the pin near to the bottom of the vertical column just above the back crossbar. Raise the vertical column by holding onto the pin knob. Release the pin knob when the desirable height and angle is achieved.

By placing one foot on the crossbar, raise the rails so that the holes on the rails line up uniformly. Locate the stopper bolts and insert them to the hole at the center of the back crossbar. Turn the bolts with the given Allen wrench until these are tightened to their places.

Afterwards, you’re set to perform your daily exercises. You may also add some Total Gym accessories when you’re performing some specific exercises.

Step 3: Attachments

Assembling the attachments is as easy as assembling the main frame of the Total Gym force, which is why you can also do this all by yourself.


Wing Attachments

To attach the Total Gym wing attachment, you will have to at first hold the wing attachment in such a position so that the mounting brackets face down and the end sides of the brackets are facing away from your body. Slowly fit the brackets on the wing over the holes at the upper end of inclined rails. By sliding each locking pin through each side of Total Gym wing attachment brackets, you’ll have to ensure that these are locked onto the main frame as tight as possible. Now you can lie face down on the glide board and do the pullups with the wing attachments.

Press Up Bars

To attach the press up bars, you must at first find the mounting holes near to the bottom of the inclined rails. Place the mounting brackets on the press up bars on the incline rail, making sure that the end sides of the brackets are facing away from your body. Slide in each locking pin through the attachment brackets as you’d normally do for the wing attachments. Make sure that each joint is firmly in place. Now you’re ready for some press up exercises.


The Total Gym Force is a good choice if you’re thinking of purchasing a high quality home gym. This home gym is foldable and simple to use. It is also a good choice for busy people who can’t afford to waste time going to the gym and waiting turns for a specific equipment. The Total Gym Force provides a wide range of exercises (60 in total) along with some attachments, two DVDs, and a strict workout plan so that you can keep fit and healthy.

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