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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Review

This section of the Sunny health & fitness SF-RW5515 magnetic rowing machine review explains the technicalities of the Sunny SF-RW5515. But do not be alarmed. We will try to simplify this machine’s intricate details as much as possible for your ease.

The Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine is a magnetic rowing machine that uses a magnet on its flywheel to create resistance for your handlebar tugs. The magnet offers 8 levels of resistance for you to experience. The higher the resistance level, the tougher it will be for you to tug the handlebar. This difficulty can be regulated with the simple turn of a knob in front of the seat.

Talking about seats, the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine also comes with an adjustable seat and footrests with Velcro straps to prevent your feet from slipping off mid-workout. Plus, the machine also comes with an LCD monitor to keep track of your progress. The frame is also strong enough to hold users up to weights of 250 lbs.

Let us now take a detailed look at this rowing machine’s features in our Sunny SF-RW5515 review.

Feature Analysis

1. 8-Leveled Magnetic Resistance

Fitted with a powerful magnet in the machine’s flywheel, the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine can offer up to 8 levels of resistance. The higher you raise the machine’s resistance level, the more difficult will your workout be.

The mechanism to access this feature is placed on the front of the machine, just under the handlebars. Just turn the dial to adjust your desired resistance level.

2. LCD Monitor Screen

The Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with a simple, easy-to-use LCD screen monitor for you to track your workout progress throughout your sessions. The monitor will show you the time you have been rowing, the count of strokes you have made, calories burned and a scan of your total progress to help you out simply and conventionally.

3. Large, Sturdy Footrests

The machine also comes with footrests with enough room for you to firmly rest your feet on and work out. The footrests also come with Velcro straps so that you can keep your feet on the pedals securely, minimizing the nuisance of your feet slipping off the footrests and ensuring stability.

4. Adjustable Seat

The seat on rowing machine has an adjustable seat for you to adjust the distance of your feet from your seat to the footrests. Plus, the seats are cushioned for your comfort.


  • Product Dimensions 82 x 19 x 23 inches
  • Item Weight 59 pounds
  • Resistance Levels 8
  • Monitor Screen Type LCD
  • Readings on Digital Monitor Time, Count, Calories, Total Count, Scan
  • Tension System Magnetic Tension
  • Max User Weight 250 lbs
  • Warranty 90 Days’ Manufacturer Warranty


  • Inexpensive, almost a budget rowing machine
  • Easy-to-use LCD monitor
  • 8 levels of resistance for a workout
  • Velcro straps on large footrests for added stability


  • LCD does not give many details on your progress

Final Verdict

As seen in our Sunny SF-RW5515 review, the Sunny SF-RW5515 does not have major negative points. It certainly is not the only best rowing machine available, but it is affordable and capable of giving you comfort as you do your full-body cardio exercises. A durable, easy to stow away, and hassle-minimal rowing machine that can help you with most of your cardio workout at an affordable price.

In this review of ours, we hope that we have managed to give you a clearer idea of the things you can do with this rowing machine. For those who expect to own the best rowing machine from the low-end spectrum, for beginners and experts alike, that is comfortable to use and has flexible and performance recording ability, this might be a befitting choice.

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