How to Achieve Your body Goals of fitness – Despite a Desk Job

Did you know 70% of the people doing desk job suffer from obesity or gain too much weight? Obesity is on the rise in the whole world. Most of the people who work sitting on a desk looking at a computer are most likely to gain weight because of the inactivity of the body. You cannot expect to reach your body goals or fitness goals sitting inactive for 8 or more hours. However, you can achieve your body goals of fitness despite doing a desk job by following some easy steps.

How to Gain Your Fitness Objectives despite a Desk Job

Be More Active

It may sound cliché to you, but there is no rocket science to achieve your body goals of fitness. Increasing your physical activity is the only way to have your stomach flat. Here are some easy steps that you can follow before, during, and after the work time.


Step 1

Walk to your office. Get up early and walk to your office. If your office is close to home, then walk a few extra blocks or take the long road to reach your office. If your home is at a long distance from the office, and you must take public transportation to reach there, you may get down from the bus or the train at some point, a few blocks away from your office. You can reach your office walking. Follow the same process on your return journey to get a few minutes of exercise daily to achieve your body goals. However, if you drive to work, get a place to park your car at least a kilometer away from your office. Get yourself a fitness tracker to count your steps and fix a goal of steps to walk.

Step 2

Set your fitness tracker to remind you every 1 hour or so to walk around for a couple of minutes. When there is some relax time, take a walk instead of a nap. Follow the stairs instead of the elevator at the office. Team up with a colleague to inspire each other.

Step 3

If you cannot afford the time to use a rowing machine or a treadmill during the office time or the lunch hour, use the gym or pool facilities that are available around your office before going home. If you feel that you are too exhausted to work out after the office time, you may dedicate your lunch hour to do some light exercises.

Step 4

Be careful about your posture on the chair. Always try to ensure that you sit straight keeping your shoulder aligned with your back. Don’t always hunch or bend at the desk to work. You can also perform some simple exercises and stretches throughout the day sitting on your seat for achieving your body goals. Stretch your neck up-down and left-right every hour when you take a little break.  You can also have a grip strengthener to move your hand when you get time. These mini-movements will prevent the diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome and blood clots in the legs. It will ensure your health goals. You can also move your legs while you work with your hands. If you can make it a habit, it can also burn some calories daily.

Eat Healthy Food

Step 1

Pack your lunch or bring it from home. It will save both your money and your health. Eating processed food at lunch will not only make you fat and obese but also sick and tired. Change your food habit every month to shift your calorie intake. It will keep balancing your metabolism.

Step 2

Drink fewer sweetened beverages. These beverages are mostly responsible for obesity. Bring apples, baby carrots, or fat-free yogurt as snacks. Don’t eat processed food for snacks if you want to achieve your body goals.

Step 3

Always keep a 2-liter water bottle on your desk and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Refill the bottle at least once during the lunchtime. Drinking water keeps you livelier and hydrated throughout the day. It also prevents pre-mature hunger and overeating.

It’s not always easy to maintain a specific routine when you are working full-time. So, you might adjust many things to save time for doing some exercises. If you feel tired in the evening, perform the exercises in the morning before going to your work. The above steps will help you achieve the body goals to reach a tangible fitness despite the desk job.

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