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How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men
Written by Thomas Bailey
Last Update: December 8, 2022

Being some important limbs of the whole body, legs and thighs consist of various muscles, such as quadriceps, adductors, gastrocnemius, and hamstrings tibialis anterior soleus. As we use our legs less often, these muscles stay inactive resulting fatty thigh and legs. Fat accumulates around if we move less and eat more calories than the required. Men are vulnerable to thigh fat accumulation if they remain inactive for a long time. There are two major reasons behind thigh fat:

  • Performing less amount of aerobic activity
  • Consuming high fat, oily junk food

A healthy, balanced diet and sufficient aerobic activity are the ways to lose thigh fat. Once you have accomplished your goal, it is essential that you take physical exercise regularly to keep the effect away from returning. These are highly beneficial to your health. Eating proper diet and exercises will help you lose fat from other body parts and get you in shape. If you are serious about how to lose thigh fat for men, you have to follow some precise steps. Read this article and find your answer.

How to Burn Thigh Fat Male

Consume Healthy Food

“Control your food habit” is the precise answer to the question ‘how to lose thigh fat for men’? Male thighs have comparatively more muscles than women. The rate of men’s resting metabolism is also 5% to 10% higher than women’s. For this reason, they need to consume more food for efficiency and productivity. So, it’s likely that men’s things/legs accumulate plenty of fat. To reduce the fat, taking the required amount of balanced food full of nutrition containing a little carbohydrate can be a great measure.

Consume Healthy Food

Less Drinks, More Water

Energy drinks, sodas, and even fruit juices are made with excessive sugars and calories which can help accumulate fat in abundance in your body. These foods debilitate the effects of exercises by storing more calories in your body. Drink fresh water to stay hydrated. Water helps remove toxins of our body, and it does not add any calorie. You can also drink green tea which works as an antioxidant containing zero fat with only 1/2 calories.

Less Drinks, More Water

Eat Low Calorie Food

Looking for another way to learn how to lose thigh fat for men? To lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 more calories than what you get from foods. For achieving this, take less calories than what you can burn each day. A good way to start is to take only 1500 calories per day, if you take regular exercise and other activities. Use an online and offline tool to measure your daily calorie intake.

Perform Thigh Targeted Activities

There are many exercise and activities to burn your extra calories. However, as a man, you need to perform various physical exercises for your thighs.

Perform Squats

There are a lot of different squats exercises you can perform. Men with fat ass can do more squats to slim down fat butt. To perform the most basic squat while standing with your shoulder and leg width apart, bend your knees to lower the bum until you make your thighs parallel to the ground. Stay this way for 3 to 5 seconds and then push forward. Repeat this several times.

Perform Squats

Perform Lunges

Male butt has comparatively lower fat than women. Still if you have a fat butt, and you want to burn those fats, then lunges and cycling are ideal choice. To perform lunge, you need 5- to 8-pound dumbbells. With the dumbbells in one hand, lunge ahead one of your leg and bring the other knee 1 or 2 inches above from the ground. Step backward and carry on with the other leg. Continue this for 10 to 20 times per set. You can do 3-4 set a day.

Perform Lunges

Do Cycling

Cycling is an excellent exercise if you want to lose your thigh fat quickly. It is also an excellent exercise that facilitates full body workout. So, you will lose more fat by performing cycling for longer. Cycling for an hour for 3 to 5 days a week will produce good results.

Do Cycling

Run, Run & Run

Running is another full body exercise that is pretty helpful to remove men’s thigh fat. Sprinting is ideal if you have more energy and time. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise with regular interval can also provide promising outputs. If you can’t manage place for outdoor running, buy some cool treadmill and do HIIT and other running exercises in your home.

Still wondering how to lose thigh fat for men? Perform other exercises, such as Back Kick, Lying Butt Bridge, Swim, and downward facing dog. Exercise helps to burn extra fat that you have gained. However, it will only work if you take fewer calories than you burn.

Final Words

We believe, by now, you have learned how to lose thigh fat for men. To remove both thigh fat/body fat, you need to burn more calories than you take. Besides mentioned exercises, you can engage yourself in various outdoor sports related with thigh activity and aerobics. Basketballs, Badminton, football are excellent choices among different sports.

For foods, take fewer calories than you are able to burn. However, this does not mean you have to starve. A final piece of advice! Take foods which are high in food value, vitamins and minerals and fewer carbohydrates.

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