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Simply Fit Balance Board Reviews – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board

Simply Fit Board

Busy with your 9 to 5 job? No time for stretching and this leading to chronic back pain. How can you make time for a little bit of exercise? A simple balance board can be a great solution to make you move even if you are busy at the workspace. Will it be able to improve your muscle condition a bit? Let’s try to find out the answer.

Simply Fit Balance Board Explained

In a busy life, people often find it really hard to keep some extra time to work out. So, you need to design your busy time in a way to make sure you stay fit as well as your work schedule does not collapse. A strong self-balancing board is really helpful to help you enjoy micro moves while you are busy at work. Is it safe to do the balance board exercises? Obviously, it’s safe and fruitful. If you have any ankle or knee joint injury, then you have to be cautious with the twists. Otherwise, there is no record of injury.

It has got the got the comfortable foot holder to accommodate the users. No specify concern how heavy you are, it is well prepared to tackle your moves. It has got the ability to take on about 400 lbs which is enough for anybody type person. A simple ABS plastic board with this much endurance makes it one the best balance board available in the market. Like the rocker board, it is concave in the middle, which keeps the feet in the air and there comes the hard work to maintain the balance. You will feel the pressure on the thighs and limbs. It will help you improve the posture and learn how to keep balance.

Whom is Simply Fit Balance Board reviews?

Balance boards are an easy solution for your busy life. It does not need a lot of effort to stand on it to have 5 minutes stretching. It’s not the kind of exercise tool that is meant for heavy work out. It’s an ideal exercise gear for body twisting and micro-movement. Your all-day busy working can be converted to full of micro-movement if you try to do your jobs by standing on the board. It might not be a good option for frequent use, but you can do it occasionally during the tea break or something like that.


  • Dimensions 26ʺ x 11ʺ x 4ʺ
  • Weight 3.2 lbs
  • Available colors Orange, magenta, green, blue
  • Capacity 400 lbs
  • Includes Simply Fit Board Exercises, Workout Guide, Food Tips


  • Anti-slip materials helpful for having a secured twist exercise
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Improves balance
  • Helps Strengthen And Tone the muscles
  • Works fine with all body types
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Body twisting exercises on this board might not a good choice for the users having a joint problem in the knee

Our Remarks

This Simply fit balance board is great for the twist and morning workouts. You also can use this as a standing desk balance board to make your busy day full of stretching. Thus, you keep yourself fit for a long time. Also, it has got the colorful designs to match with the environments. Enjoy micro-movements with simply fit balance boards.


Question: I’m new with this kind of board finding hard to balance. Please help.
Answer: To get used to with this balance board at the beginning you can try with a chair or something to hold in front of you.

Question: How much weight this fit board can take on?
Answer: It’s a hard ABS plastic board. This board is able to take on about 400 lbs which is really great, but while putting pressure, you need to be careful.

Question: How about using this smart balance board on a laminate floor?
Answer: You should get a mat first to use under the board which will help you to get better control over the board and also your floor remains scratch free.

Question: How smartly can you utilize this wobble board?
Answer: Well, in the busy work schedule it gets really tough to use this kind balance board but when you get the chance to work on the standing desk use this item smartly without keeping the work aside.

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