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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine Review – Model (SF-RW1410)

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 is a perfect home rowing machine for those who can hardly get much time for exercising. This particular equipment can set a tiny gym at your home so that you can get rid of the hassle of going to the gym.

This rower gives you a low impact aerobics exercising, which impacts spread over the body. Both your upper and lower body will feel the pressure while working out with this rower. It will focus on most of your muscle groups and fasten your weight lossing task.

Moreover, exercising with a rower also increases your stamina so that you can take exercise for a longer period and also allows you to try different positions with different adjustments.

Feature Analysis

1. Low impact effective exercising

The sunny health and fitness rower provides a low impact effective workout. While exercising with it your major muscle groups like the legs, arms, back, abs and more will get involved. As a result, both your upper and lower body will feel the motion, and weight loss will get faster.

2. Full range movement

You will get a variety of bodily movements with this rowing machine as it can be adjusted to 12 levels. So, movement change will not create any hassle.

3. Deluxe seat

The seat of Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 has been designed with cushion and extra pad, which give you extra comfort. This helps you to have a perfect posture, so your bones and muscles do not get hurt.

4. Progress tracking

With the electronic calorie calculator attached to the rower, you can detect the progress of your health. You can see how much calories you have burnt per minute. This will make your goal attainment easier.

5. Steel frame

Its sleek and steel frame have made long lasting by keeping it free of oxidization, corrosion, and chemical reaction.

6. Non-slip handles and anti-slip pedals

The pedals and the handles both are covered with rubber-like grip for ensuring anti-slip grip and paddling. This provides a safe usage so that no injuries can occur.


  • Product Dimensions 59 x 29 x 21.2 inches
  • Item Weight 34 pounds
  • Item model number SF-RW1410


  • Easy to carry
  • Fit into small space
  • Focus on several muscle groups
  • Provides a variety of exercises
  • Quite and handy


  • Difficult to reach the pedals for short people

Final Verdict

We have mentioned the sunny health, and fitness rower is perfect for all sort of exercises. But the only thing that can bring you to discomfort is the distance between the seat and the pedals. But there is nothing to worry about if you are of average height.

People with below-average heights are the only sufferers. If you are tall or of average height, then you will never face this sort of discomfort. But if you find this happening, then you can change the seat and buy a longer one.

Besides having the downside, we will say the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 is beneficial. You can get a gym-like experience while staying at home and being safe from injuries.

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