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Hornet Watersports Concept 2 Rowing Machine Seat Cushion Review

Hornet Watersports Concept 2 rowing seat pad Review

Hornet Watersports Memory Foam Cushions is specially designed for your concept 2 rowers, but you can use it for outdoor activities too.

The foams used in this cushion can adjust to regulate your body movement and speed. The cushion is noticeably comfortable and softer.

This memory foam cushion has 2 inches thickness with a wide dimension. Additionally, this foam cushion features Anti-Slip Technology which means you can row for hours after hours at a stretch.

Feature Analysis

1. Traditional design

The traditional design of these cushions refers to the familiar rectangular shaped cushion. For its design, you can use it as seat pads for your concept 2 rowing machine. Along with, you can seat on it while fishing, watching sports or birds. As it is waterproof, you can place it on kayak and canoe.

2. Pain Reliever

It molds and conforms to adjust your weight which is why you spine alignment remains constant. While rowing, it helps to relieve your back pain and allows you to row for a long time. Additionally, Hornet Watersports Memory Foam Cushions are machine washable, so that you need not worry about hygienic.

3. Thickest Cushion

The Hornet Watersports Memory Foam Cushions is the thickest cushion ever made by the manufacturer. The cushion is 2 inches thick and 13.24 inches long. Its thickness maintains your stability and Anti-slip silicone layered bottom holds a firm position on the seat. You can do rowing fast or hard seating on these memory foam cushions as much you want.


  • Dimensions 13.25″ x 10.25″ x 1.88″
  • Item Weight 4.8 ounces
  • Ideal for Home Gym, Rowing Club, And Crossfit Box


  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • Prevent slipping and skidding
  • Thickest memory foam cushions


  • Compatibility issues.

Final Verdict

We told that it could be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, but it might not fit on Velocity, Stamina and NordicTrack models. If you are not using Concept 2 rowing machine, then you must check the specification of the Hornet Watersports Memory Foam Cushions.

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