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Top 10 Best Barbell Collars In 2022- Complete Reviews

Lifting collars or clips are designed to maintain plates securely on a barbell. Using the pleasant or best exercise collars is a primary weight room protection or safety requirement for barbell collar weight. Many advanced lifters can safely raise without collars. However, until you are a seasoned veteran who has mastered workout form in the weight room, you should never lift without collars. The benefits of using great barbell collars are numerous. They decrease the risk of accidents. They also improve the weight distribution and balance of barbells.

There is a wide variety of options in best exercise collars available on the market today, and that can make it difficult to pick just one set or style. Typically, finding the best exercise collars for your needs can take hours of work and research. And we know that most people are very busy with their daily lives, families, and jobs. So, finding some time to do this can be difficult to do. To help save you that stress, we have complied a list of the ten best barbell locks, so you can purchase on the market today. After we cover that, we will look at some important criteria points to evaluate, so you wind up purchasing the best weight clamps for yourself.

How Do We Pick the Exercise Collars?

While choosing the best exercise collars, we must look for several important features. In reality, this feature will ultimately define the best barbell collar. The first feature is of course safety. As the proverb says “Safety first” so barbell collar must hold your plates safely and securely. The second feature is fast changes for less downtime between sets, so your muscles do not cool down. The third is construction material of the product. It should be sturdy, durable. You definitely do not want to use a weight clams that wear out easily. Fourth and the last is the price. Our best product would meet all of those requirements yet price should be reasonable.

Our Top 10 Best Barbell Collars for Crossfit

01 Clout Fitness Barbell Clamp Collar

Clout Fitness Barbell Clamp Collar

This pair of clout Fitness quick release Olympic clamps is decently made. The clamp bodies are made from thick ABS plastic and held together with four metal screws. The locking lever and release button are also made from ABS. There is a 1/8″ metal pin used where the two halves of the clamp join when cinched together. The two large internal rubber pads are what grip and hold the clamps to the Olympic collars on the barbell or dumbbell.

The four metal screws that hold the clamps body together also secure the rubber pads in place. They not only fit perfectly on the regular 50mm [2″] diameter ends on your barbell and triceps bar but, surprisingly also fit securely on the slightly undersized 49mm collars on your old 1990’s era EZ-curl bar.

The rubber padding inside the ring is very good at keeping the clamps snug on a variety of 2″ bars. Color is vibrant and makes the clamps almost look as though they can be metal. They hold weight very well.


  • This barbell clamp fits for 2 inches Olympic standard size.
  • Quick release, not easy to slide.
  • Perfect for workouts, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell
  • Material: reinforced plastic. ABS
  • Very quick and easy to use


  • These clips are very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Color is vibrant and makes the clamps almost look as though they can be metal
  • They hold weight very well
  • It is fast and efficient, less cumbersome on/off than tension clips

Our Remarks

Nothing much to add, but for 11 bucks, these are totally worth it. They are rock solid in holding the1 inch barbell collars weight in place. These collars are lightweight and do its job well on Olympic bars. It comes with a storage bag which is a nice touch, so you do not have to fish for these in your gym bag.

02 Greententljs Olympic Weight Bar Plate Locks Collar


Great product, holds the bar very snuggly and there is no chance these are slipping, unlike some cheaper metal spring clamps. The design is very simple and with ease of making working out more enjoyable by wasting less time. These are cheaper and superior in form and function. Being made out of plastic may be a cause for concern for some, we assure you that these are rock solid.

They’re light but super strong, hold tight, easy to use, and make lifting easier, especially when changing weights between sets with little time to rest. Quick release to remove or add weights.


  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Color: Blue


  • This barbell clamp fits for 2 inches Olympic standard size. Perfect for CrossFit workouts, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other workout using barbell collars 1 inch or 2 inches Olympic Barbell
  • Material: Reinforced plastic, ABS, Package Include: 2 * Barbell Clamp
  • Easy to use, one hand install ~ Spring powered Snap-Latch design to keep you safe.These collars are a favorite for CrossFit and many other commercial gyms
  • Holds the bar very snuggly

Our Remarks

These things clamp on very tightly, almost too tight (though that is definitely not a bad thing). Unlike most barbell clamps they have a little locking tab so there is no way that these things will come undone during a workout. They are heavy duty, great quality, and very inexpensive. Worth every penny.

03 YYGIFT One Pair of 1” Diameter Barbell Clamps

YYGIFT One Pair of 1” Diameter Barbell Clamps

These clamps are great and quick and easy to use. Some people find that these clamps do not hold much weight. But these are made for horizontal barbells, and that is the only thing you should be utilizing them for. These clips would perfectly snug fit on a solid I inch bar. Not so tight that is hard to close but tight enough that there is no way the weights will move around. Works in both smooth bars and the threaded type for spinner collars.


  • Material ABS
  • Item weight 4.8 ounces


  • Inexpensive may work in your application, quick to ship, feel like they’re made of quality
  • Easier to use than clips and keep the weights on the bar
  • They work precisely on the regular, non-threaded barbell
  • Works in both smooth bars and the threaded type for spinner collar
  • Adding and removing weight plates is quite easy

Our Remarks

Great little clamps, easy to put on and off, and have an array of colors they come in. The clips would perfectly snug fit on a solid I inch bar. Works great. Solid clamps at a great price!

04 Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar


Excellent grip. If you test these on your Olympic barbell and curl bars, they would fit nicely and do not let the plates move. It’s a little hard to press and release the levers, but it might get better with time and usage. These are constructed at a high quality. The collars make changing plates quick and easy. These are perfect for a fast-paced CrossFit workout. The bright color of these collars makes easy to find out these in your bag. Quick open and close. Holds great.


  • Color Multi
  • Item weight 7.4 Ounces


  • Work well – hold the weight in place
  • Good pricing
  • Safety is paramount when working with weight
  • Durable cast body and high-pressure grip pads make these collars virtually indestructible!
  • A quick change of the working weight

Our Remarks

Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collars are a great alternative to spring collars. They are easy to use, lock on to the bar securely, they won’t scratch up your bar & there are a variety of colors to choose from! Lockjaw collars can cost about $40.00 or more. Iron Lab provide a good quality product for a fourth of the cost of other companies! Worth every penny.

05 Clout Fitness 2″ Olympic Size Barbell Clamp Collar


These offer a solid hold and great latching system. They seal securely and are easy to lock and unlock. These are great clamps. They slide on easy and lock tight. I use them during heavy squats and deadlifts, and so far, they have held up perfectly. The quality of this clamp is sturdy. The product us durable. It is simple to lock and unlock these clamps and can smoothly slide on and off the bar with comfort. There is also a small pouch comprised of your purchase.


  • Item Weight 8.8 ounces


  • Price: For the quality of the product, you simply can’t beat the price.
  • Quality: These look very sturdy and seem to be very durable.
  • Ease of use: These are not difficult to slide on or off of the barbell, they don’t require a lot of effort to lock or unlock, and, they are light enough to carry around. These clamps also come with a nice little carrying pouch that makes it very convenient to take with you while working out. The pouch is also big enough to fit other items like earphones or lifting gloves.
  • Secure: These keep the plates in place and prevent them from sliding around

Our Remarks

These are fantastic. Great quality. Easy use. Quick to release and reset weights timely. Take a beating and work perfectly still. No problems that I can see. Cheap and quick delivery is always nice too.

06 CAP Barbell Olympic pair Collars


These cap clips use a heavier spring and just seem better all around. Quality of the product is good, and they are relatively cheap. People with small hands may find it difficult to use at first because they are very stiff and may require the use of two hands to open and release.

These coiled collars provide ample resistance to weight movement on the bar. Unlike other styles of collars, spring clip collars are hands down the best. Easy to put on and take off, and reliable.


  • Sold as pair
  • Accommodates 2 inches(diameter) bars
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches


  • Easy to grip with the included plastic covers
  • Holds the weights in place with no sliding
  • Rubber grip on these makes them more comfortable to use
  • Fit Olympic bar perfectly
  • Durable and well made

Our Remarks

These clips are heavy duty and well made. They fit fine and are very strong. The plastic on them is also very thick and heavy and frequent use would not cause any problem. These are priced great too.

07 Strainho Olympic 2 inch Barbell Collars


Great collars for Olympic sized barbells or dumbbells. You would like to use these on dumbbell handles instead of springs because these don’t stick out/up as far as springs. They keep the weight secure, up to about 75lbs. per side when completely vertical. Keep in mind, we said, COMPLETELY VERTICAL! They will keep much more weight secure as long as you are not going vertical, which for the most part, you won’t.

They are made of heavy-duty plastic and heavy-duty rubber that grips the bar and clicks when secured. Press the lever down to release.


  • Set of 2 barbell clamps, fit for 2 inches Olympic standard size
  • Quick release, superior durability, and exceptional performance
  • One-hand installation and removal. Easy to use with tired hands
  • Solid nylon and reinforced plastic, ABS, not easy to slide, will not damage chrome coatings
  • Perfect for workouts, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other Olympic bar workout
  • Product color is black
  • Item weight 10.4 ounces


  • Locking collar for barbell
  • Cheaper than spring clamps, easier to use
  • Perfect for cast plate, cast grip plate and rubber grip plate
  • The collars held strongly and will not be slid down the bar
  • Able to do skull crushers safety with Olympic barbell clips with no slippage

Our Remarks

These are simply amazing! Quick to slide on your Olympic bar or EZ bar. Snaps on and grips perfect and must have for any home gym!

08 IADUMO 1 Inch Weightlifting Barbell Clamp Collar


These are just awesome. Clamps tight to the bar and doesn’t let the plates slide at all. You can deadlift heavy and drop the bar, and the clamps won’t budge. You can even have a plate on the bar, turn it upside-down, and it won’t budge. These are quality collars. You can use them for squats, overhead press, bench press, deadlifts, etc. They stay right where you put them and are easy to detach.


  • 2” OLYMPIC SIZE – Power Guidance barbell clamp fits for 2 inches Olympic standard size
  • Advanced design – One click lock design for easy install and removal, Spring Powered Snap-Latch Design To Keep You Safe
  • Perfect for cross fitness training, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell
  • Superior Durability – Made by hardest ABS plastic that can stand up the toughest home, gym, or group-exercise environment
  • Item weight 10.6 ounces


  • Fast and easy to take off when switching plates out
  • Clamps securely to standard Olympic barbell
  • Hold like a gorilla!
  • Doesn’t slip and is easy to remove

Our Remarks

These weight collars are great. You can use them for front squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and more. The clamps are really stable and don’t allow the weight plates to shift while you are lifting. The price is affordable for a product that could last a lifetime.

09 Iron Bull Strength Barbell Collars (Pair)

Iron Bull Strength Barbell Collars Pair

These highly innovative barbell collars feature a quick-locking mechanism designed to hold tight on repeated drops. The fast locking action allows you to easily change plates between sets and will never move during high-impact drops. Our weight clamps have smooth solid nylon surfaces and nylon jaws inside so they won’t damage your plates or bars, no matter how long you use them.

These barbell collars have been tested during competition and in high-end strength and conditioning facilities. If you’re looking for fast locking, highly durable and affordable collars, then these barbell collars are for you. The quick on/off snap locking mechanism will save you time and efforts during your workouts.


  • Fits 2” Olympic Bars
  • Fast Locking Action
  • Solid Nylon Resin Construction
  • Smooth Nylon Surface to Protect Your Plates
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Multi-colors


  • Secure your plates against high-impact drops
  • Very easy to use
  • They hold the weight in place
  • Functional and durable
  • Easy to put on and take off

Our Remarks

Excellent product. Really clamps onto the bar firmly and securely. Makes lifting better. These barbell collars have been tested during competition and in high-end strength and conditioning facilities. These are surprisingly high quality for such a low price.

10 BEAR Strength & Conditioning Next Generation Squat Pad


This squat pad is created from high-density foam to provide durable protection to your neck and shoulders, that is soft and won’t flatten under pressure. The easy-slide design makes it a breeze to slip over your barbell and lifts easily when it’s time to remove, and for extra safety, heavy-duty Velcro straps have been added that will give you, even more, support and confidence.

You can use it for hip thrusts. It’s very squishy foam and absorbs the weight on the barbell well, so there’s no pain or bruising. It has so much padding and fits the barbell very snug! It makes your workouts so much more comfortable.


  • Made of soft, non-slipping and durable form holding High-Density Foam
  • This product is easily transportable. Measuring in at 17.5” long this pad easily slips into your gym bag or just carry sponge pad in your hand
  • Comes with 2 Velcro steps
  • Lift weight safely: Reduces the pressure and pain of the bar with thick 1.3″ foam while doing squats, hip thrusts or lunges
  • The color of the product is green


  • This squat pad is a must for your preventive injury needs
  • This pad is comfortable and makes squatting so much easier
  • Thick padding provides great cushioning, and the neck cutout makes for a comfortable fit
  • It is very thick and well made

Our Remarks

It is time to consider yourself knowledgeable about all the barbell collar explained above. Confident enough, huh? This was what we intended to achieve. We have tried to present you realistic reviews of the best exercise collars on the market. But, we still have some insights to offer. Quality is the surely a dominant factor for many homeowners. Are you one of them? Then, Greententljs Olympic Weight Bar Plate Locks Collar and Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collarare excellent picks.

If the price is the only thing that concerns you, two fine choices await you, such as REEHUT Pair Olympic Barbell Collars and Greententljs 1 Inch Barbell Clamps Collar. For people with distinct elegance in their tastes, RitFit Olympic Barbell Collars and Iron Bull Strength Barbell Collars (Pair)should be the winners. If you want a minimalistic kitchen sink that does the job yet costs a little, we recommend Clout Fitness Barbell Clamp Collar.

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