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Incredible Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates Set Review

Cast Iron Olympic Plates Review – Deltech Fitness 4 Set 5 LB Plates

The weight plates are traditional means of bodybuilding, work out and pull-ups. The Proiron plates are cast iron made with hammertone finish, extreme durability and high-quality flat surface. It comes with the different size of plates to allow you customized weightlifting for particular muscle group or whole body workout. The Proiron selects their material with strict guidelines to keep it free form phthalate and lead to ensure health for their customer.

These set of plate sets are perfect for cardiovascular fitness and strength training. It has the most compatible diameter hole to fit all the standard dumbbell and barbell bars. It’s made for the 20kg adjustable dumbbell set to achieve the most variable dumbbell training. The Proiron makes it with heavy duty cast iron to last for years and provides calculated small weight plates for a precise combination of weight and descent increment of exercise.

Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates Set Explained

The Proiron is premium solid weight plate sets allows you to have a different combination of weight levels for a customized workout. The variety of weight combination enables you to exercise on the targeted group of muscles, strengthening or worm up your entire body. You are going to have the Proiron set for small increment with bellow combination; 4pcs x 1.25kg4pcs x 2.5kg2pcs x 5kg2pcs x 10kg. The materials they used are specially chosen and free from phthalate and lead concerning on your health.

The dumbbells allow you to perform a huge range of exercise at home gym and out, to strengthen and tone up your chest, arms, and back. These dumbbells also allow you to perform an effective workout of upper chest muscles, and upper back. The handlebar is knurled for better grip while practicing and performing. The Proiron made it with a delicate finish, but many of the models are poorly cast and the edges remain sharp to tear your hands. The plates are little thinner and larger than others to get a better holding, set up and performance. If you got a smooth floor, please be careful to step on one of the plates; as it can cause a fatal fall.

Whom is Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates for?

The Proirone dumbbells are for those who are searching for a compact pack of dumbbell plate sets with all the possible combination of weight for accurate weightlifting, targeting particular muscle group. If you fear about the materials health friendliness, then this set is totally phthalate and lead-free.

Sometimes it happens that you bought a set, but after some days of use you felt that you need much more plates for additional weight; the Proiron bars are ready to adopt any size of the plate with 1inch hole. You just need to gauge the hole diameter before the purchase. If you got your old set damaged by rust or corrosion; then the Proiron is supplying you hammertone finish dumbbell which extremely durable and stainless.


  • Product Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.9 cm (5 kg)
  • Weight range 4×1.25kg, 4×2.5kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg weight set
  • Brand name PROIRON
  • Color Black
  • Size 4 x 1.25kg
  • Height 32 mm
  • Length 127 mm
  • Width 284 mm
  • Finish Hammertone finish
  • Fits Fit 1-inch (25mm) dumbbell and barbell bars


  • Premium solid iron plates
  • Variety of different weight level
  • Made for customized workouts
  • Suitable for Proiron 20 kg adjustable dumbbell set
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
  • Durable over years of use
  • Specific muscle group workout
  • Phthalate and lead-free material
  • Ensures healthy exercise
  • Increase the weight by a small increment


  • Can be the cause of fall; if you step on
  • Enamel can shatter by heavy impact

Our Remarks

The Proiron applied a comprehensive materializing, designing, and casting for these dumbbell or barbell plates and bars. They didn’t only concentrate on objective issues but took the responsibility to take care of your health and performance by making the weights phthalate free and comfortable. If still, you are in confusion then make a comparison to B07BQQXK89 online. I think the Proiron feature is rich because with its appearance it seems heavy, durable and effective.Overall these plate sets are health friendly due to zero phthalate and lead. The shine can complete all other models of the market. For more versions and curies, please search online by these keywords; Olympic weight set, bumper plates, Olympic weight plates, rubber weight plates and more.


Question: Is it extendable by more weights? I might need more than 20kg.
Answer: You can add any plate suit the bar. You can go to Proiron website to choose the best weight for you with reasonable price.

Question: I have a York bar bell bar and dumb bell bars; will these plates fit?
Answer: These might fit, but before you purchase, please measure your bars diameter; because the Proiron plates fit only 1inch diameter. I would like to point, that please measure your plates and bars accurately before you purchase Proiron plates and bars.

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