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Top 5 Best Rowing Gloves In 2023 – Complete Reviews

Thinking of a rowing competition or starting work-out? You need a good pair of gloves before preparing yourself. The best rowing gloves can do all the other activities as well. To clarify, rowing gloves are not only used for rowing but also for weightlifting, yoga, work-out and other hard activities. There many reasons for looking for the best gloves.

Modern Gloves have come with many important features. Many of the rowing gloves have a ventilation system that keeps the user hands cool. The interior softer part of the gloves has the capacity to absorb sweat and keep the hands’ skin dry. Some of the gloves have silicon rubber on the palm surface, and the rubber supports the material that is held and ensures no-slippage. Besides, the closure system helps adjust to many sizes at the same time. Modern rowing gloves are designed to make the fingers free. Only the places that are usually hurt have been covered.

There are many rowing gloves in the market, and it is quite okay to get confused which one to buy. Besides, the most difficult part is many gloves are actually nothing that their packet or company claim to be. So, purchasing the best rowing gloves is difficult, and you might get annoyed while buying.

A Quick View of Our Reviewed Rowing Gloves

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
1st NRS Men’s Boater Gloves NRS Men’s Boater Gloves $18
2nd Fit Four The Neo Grip Glove Fit Four The Neo Grip Glove $25
3rd Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves $37
4th Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves $22
5th Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves $23

How Do We Pick The Rowing Gloves?

Though it is difficult to buy the best rowing gloves, there are some easy ways for the people who just want to buy a pair of gloves without getting informed about anything. Just search in workout gloves amazon, and you definitely find one. But, you don’t want to do this. However, experiencing some really good rowing gloves, we have reviewed five rowing gloves. We have made this list more authentically and practically. While making this list, we have focused on the material, ventilation system, sweat absorbing interior, slip-less grip, and durability. Why? Because we don’t want you to be deceived in the market.

Our 5 Best Rowing Gloves Detailed Reviews

01 NRS Men’s Boater Gloves


NRS Men’s Boater Gloves come in the market with rash guard material which helps to keep hands dry quickly. Wet fingers can lead to different types of diseases. These gloves’ rash guard material saves you from all these unexpected diseases. Besides, it is available with open finger design. That’s how these gloves keep your finger free.

NRS Men’s Boater Gloves have a synthetic leather palm. This has been designed for comfort. The user needs to feel comfortable while rowing or padding. If the user doesn’t have this, the boat journey might turn into annoying activities. So, this leather palm design helps reducing disturbance and makes the boat riding more than adequate.

The sticky polyurethane pads ensure the easy and wonderful grip. This comfortable grip is required for paddle control in rower hands. There are vent holes in the palm, and these holes allow more wind that assures the inner-side cooling of the gloves. These gloves are black and blue and the combination of the two royal colors that are favorite to many people.


  • Rashguard Material
  • Open-finger Design
  • Synthetic Leather Palm
  • Palm Vent Holes
  • Sticky polyurethane pads
  • Color: Blue & Black


  • Quick hand dry
  • Leaving fingers free
  • Excellent Grip
  • Comfortable design
  • The ability to keep Cooling

Our Remarks

NRS Men’s Boater Gloves have the ability to keep your hands cool. The comfortable design and excellent grip of these gloves have appealed many people. The gloves have rash guard material that keeps the hands dry quickly. The open finger design is also awesome. Good News is that this pair is available at a reasonable price. Buy these gloves without hurting your wallet.

02 Fit Four The Neo Grip Glove


The greatest about Fit Four the Neo Grip Glove is that it is hand-made and contains 10 percent silicon and 90 percent Neoprene. It has been designed especially for different types of workouts. The gripping glove is used for rowing, yoga, weightlifting, and pull-ups. So, you can do a lot of things with this single hand grip.

Fit Four the Neo Grip Glove has been made for guarding fingers. Whether you lift a huge weight rod or row the biggest boat, your fingers will be free from all types of hassle. This glove is responsible as the guard of your fingers. So, do yoga and pull up gums without hurting your fingers.

Fit Four the Neo Grip Glove has silicone grip pads that provide mobility. Besides, this grip manages the traction to save your fingers from risk. When you wear this glove, you need not think of slipping. The silicone palm grip avoids slipping. So, the glove is stable on your hand.


  • Material: 10% Silicone and 90% Neoprene
  • High-Density Premium Neoprene
  • Silicon Grip Pads
  • Silicon Palm
  • Colour: All Black
  • Ideal: For Yoga and Other Gym


  • No Worry of slipping
  • Ability of Guarding Finger
  • Better traction
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable work out Grip

Our Remarks

Fit Four the Neo Grip Glove comes with silicone palm. So, nothing will slip from the grip in future. Meanwhile, this glove has been designed not to hurt your fingers. It does its duty and works as a guard of the fingers. It comes with better traction, and it is flexible to hold and to work with. This glove is usually ideal for yoga and other sorts of the gym. This glove costs a moderate price.

03 Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves

Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves

Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves come with open back design and lower finger design. Open back design leaves the opposite side of the palm open because during pulling or rowing the front part of the palm is wounded as this is the part that contacts the material while in the gym or yoga. Lower back design signifies the similar things. So, these gloves have designed it wonderfully as only the vulnerable areas of the palm are covered.

Polyester fabric stretches have been used for comfort, but these stretches ensure that the held material is not moved or rolled in the hand. Because, if the material moves, it rubs the gloves very hard and it might cause the rowers hands suffer from rowing blisters. So, the fabric stretches might be for comfortable viewing, but also it secures the user’s hand.

Well, these gloves are not one time, and they allow to wash it. But, if you wear the gloves for a long period of time, we recommend you to wash the gloves in hot and soapy water. This wash will renew the gloves and make it ready for a longer period of time. So, you need not buy gloves in every month.


  • Open Back Design
  • Lower Finger Design
  • Polyester Fabric Stretches
  • Finger Guard
  • Ventilation system


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Ensuring Comfortable rowing
  • Essential Water Connection
  • Wash-ability
  • Super Comfortable

Our Remarks

Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves are most costly in this review. Though it costs the highest price, it comes with all the features that a person seeks in a pair of rowing gloves. This pair comes with open back design and finger guard design. Besides, it ensures the proper ventilation and takes care of the skin. The user can wash it easily and comfortably without any hassle.

04 Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves


The material that has been used to manufacture Trideer Workout Gloves is microfiber. This material lasts a long period of time, and it makes the gloves light. This fiber makes the gloves look very old. Wearing these gloves mean that you represent the classical style and you own it. The gloves have a breathable mesh that provides the ventilation system. So, your hands do not sweat.

Trideer Workout Gloves have pulled off the tape that helps the user to remove it much more easily. The surface of the gloves has gel palm design that provides with the best grip and makes it longer lasting. Meanwhile, this gel grip saves the user from many serious injuries.

The gloves ensure optimal ventilation to keep the hands dry. These grey gloves have a wonderful warranty. If you find any unexpected issue, you can get your money back without any hassle in the first month. The gloves come with one-year warranty after exceeding one month and lifetime customer service.


  • Pull-off tape
  • Gel Palm
  • Edge Stitching
  • Microfiber Material
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Color: Grey
  • Warranty: 12 months with lifetime service warranty


  • Easy removal technology
  • Best Grip
  • Superior quality
  • Optimal Ventilation
  • Opportunity of adjusting size

Our Remarks

Trideer Workout Gloves come with gel palm, edge stitching. These technologies help to have the good grip and you have no worry of losing grip. It has also easy removal system. So, one can remove it quickly with the pull-off tape. Besides, the size can be adjusted according the size of the hands with the help of closure system. Trideer Workout Gloves are available at the lowest price in the market. The user gets maximum features at a minimum cost. So, this pair can be your best workout gloves in 2018.

05 Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves


Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves are available in the market with micro glove design that allows to the user to feel free-hands, But, their hands are still protected with this micro weightlifting gloves. The closure system of these gloves is Velcro. So, anyone can adjust the gloves according to their needs.

Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves have silicon beading on the surface that makes it traction-free. So, whether you grab the dumbbell or other metals, the metals don’t slip off your hands. Holding anything with these gloves means that you are certain of not losing the grip.

The interior side of the gloves is soft and ensures the inner-side comfort of the user. The materials of the gloves absorb the sweat and keep the hands dry that also works against slippage. However, for easy removing, the index and ring fingers tip has tabs that remove the gloves more easily and comfortably. The gloves also have a complete year replacement warranty.


  • Micro Glove Design
  • Grip-lock Padding
  • Comfortable Soft Interior
  • Quick Removal technology
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Color: Purple
  • Warranty: One Year (Full Replacement)


  • Keeping Freehands
  • Ability to provide adjustable tightening
  • Easy Dumbbell holding
  • Assurance of Internal Comfort
  • Hassle free removing

Our Remarks

Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves are for the quality seeker, and if you do not compromise quality, this pair is for you. It comes with a comfortable interior that is able to absorb sweat and keep hands dry. The Velcro closure system benefitted to adjust the gloves at hand. So, one can get one’s desired tightening. However, you need not worry about removing. It is absolutely easy and quick. The major important or great thing about this pair of gloves is that it costs moderately.

Final Verdict

You should think yourself knowledgeable about all the rowing gloves mentioned above. Confident? Yes, you should be. In this review, we have tried to inform you about the best rowing gloves available in the market. Meanwhile, we have taken care of everyone’s budget. So, that whatever your budget is you can buy the best rowing gloves for you at the budget. But, we have some more information to share with you.

Do you want to buy a pair of rowing gloves but don’t have enough money? Don’t worry as we have mentioned before. Our list has a wonderful pair of rowing gloves for you. Trideer Workout Gloves have wonderful technology like breathable mesh and microfiber material. These gloves have easy removal system too. You are getting all of these things at the minimal price. Yes, that’s what we mean. These gloves cost you the lowest price.

Not satisfied? Well, those people who want to buy a pair of gloves but don’t want to risk much money. We have two alternatives for you, and they are NRS Men’s Boater Gloves and Fit Four the Neo Grip Glove. Both of them are long-lasting and stronger. They can satisfy you with their performance. If you are a quality seeker and never compromise with quality, we recommend Contraband Pink Label 5537 Womens MICRO Weight Lifting for you. These gloves have quick removal system, interior soft padding, grip-lock padding. It doesn’t cost you that much, but it has become popular for its durability and performance. In our list, this is quality model, and it lasts longer than other gloves.

Has your friend spent the highest amount to buy a pair of rowing gloves, and you want to follow? Sculling Gear Rowing Gloves are the expensive gloves on our list, and this pair is one of the most price worthy gloves in the market. It has a ventilation system that ensures air movement and keeps the hands sweat-free. Besides, it has lower finger guard and back open. This pair has been designed to meet all the required necessities. Meanwhile, this is the desired choice in this review. If you can afford, we recommend you to buy this one. You can choose the most suitable pair for you.

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