Yoga Workout Kit Review

Yoga Workout Kit

Healthy Monkey Fitness developed a set of yoga workout kit to bring in convenience in the way people take their daily yoga workout sessions. As yoga instructors encourage to focus on various exercises to stretch specific muscles of the body, this yoga kit comes with a focus on helping people engage in workout while targeting specific muscles. If you want to start yoga or if you need gears, read our complete Yoga Workout Kit review. just an effort to save you time and hassle!

Yoga Workout Kit Overview

Yoga Workout Kit comes with numbered loop grips, massage ball, and loop resistance band. Having a carry case, you will have a full body workout in anywhere.

The firm massage ball can be used to trigger pressure points of group muscles. The strap is made of Nylon and has five numbered loop grips.

We know this information is not enough to satisfy you. In our next part of Yoga Workout Kit review, we will discuss all features separately.


  • Length of Resistance Loop Band: 20.5 inches
  • Maximum capacity: 210 pounds
  • Strap materials: Nylon
  • Package included: Numbered loops, loop resistance band, firm massage ball, and carry case

Feature Analysis

3.1Advanced Design

This yoga kit set is suitable for beginner and better for the experienced users. The numbered strap has upgraded nylon with a smooth finish to ensure the protection of your hands from injuries. The loops are numbered on each side and designed to adjust your hands and feet which allow you to focus on full body stretch when you combine resistance band loop with strap.

3.2Portable and Easy to Use

The set can be carried with included carry bag. The nylon zipper bag can hold all the items, and it is easy to use it anywhere you want.

3.3Maximum Durability

The kits are made of high-quality, stretchable, and durable materials. The thickness of this 20.5 inches long resistance loop band allows you to do versatile exercises. Additionally, it can hold up to 210 pounds of body weight.

Pros & Cons


  • Fiver numbered strap
  • Maximum 210 pounds capacity
  • Suitable for physical therapy and massage
  • Perfect for pull-up, splits, quads and glute presses


  • No instruction guides

Final Verdict

For the beginners, the Yoga workout set may not be ideal if it is used without guidance. So, it is important to know the best use of straps, solid massage ball, and resistant band. If beginners can manage training instructions from the online source or trainers, it will not be a problem anymore.

We believe that you can now decide whether or not you should consider buying this yoga set to improve your training and strength after reading our Yoga Workout Kit review.

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