Valor Fitness BD-33 Review – Heavy Duty Power Rack


Max weight500 lbs if using the bar catchers outside of the case
Max weight650 lbs if using the bar catchers inside the case
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The valor fitness BD-33 heavy-duty power case is a cross-training power rack. It is not just a standard Squat cage. The BD-33 serves as a fully functional heavy-duty power case offering unmatched adjustability and expandability to meet the specialized requirements of today’s athlete. The weight rack cage constructed of 2 inches x 2 inches 12-gauge steel. The weight cage can support up to 650 pounds of weight inside the cage. The weight lifting cage offers a three-sided or triangular frame activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with necessities to increase maximum loads when adding safety. A multi-grip pull-up bar is situated in a particular spot or position at the front of the Squat cage.

Inside dimension of the workout cage is 44 inches x 33 inches. This is quite roomy for users to do multiple exercises. The weight cage is good for doing exercises like back squats, military presses, pull ups, deadlifts, barbell cuts and many more. The rack squat has 4 standard sizes (1 inch) plate storage pegs which are located in the rear of the unit, 2 on each side. Each peg measures 8 inches long. The bench and squat rack offer two sets of chromed adjustable weight catch along with two safety bars.

The squat stands feature a pro-style mount-chin up bar with multiple handles and different angles to perform a variety of pull-ups and CrossFit muscle ups. But the maximum Squat cage features a straight or simple angled chin-up bar in front of the unit. The squat stands are designed to max out your heavy lifts of your personal best. The rogue power rack has 650-pound weight capacity on the inside of the case and 500-pound capacity on the exterior of the case.

The outer assembled dimensions of the squat rack for sale is 50 inches x 63 inches W x 86 inches H, and inner dimension is 33 inches D x 44 inches W x 80 inches H. The power rack for sale weighs 160 pounds. The unit itself has a very low base frame and excellent center of gravity.


  • Very solid
  • Very sturdy
  • No wobble
  • Nice rack with a reasonable price
  • Multiple exercise options
  • 2 inches x 2 inches 12-gauge steel mainframe with metallic pewter painted finish
  • The triangular top frame supports
  • 4 solid steel adj weight bar supports and 2 adj squat safety bars
  • 1-inch accessory hole
  • 26 variable positions for accessories/bar supports ranging from 16 inches-67 inches

Our Remarks

The Valor Fitness BD-33 Power Cage is an all-in-one free weight training station for your home gym. You can buy a half rack which has almost similar functionality for doing your workout in the conveniences of your home. But with this Squat cage, if you attach valor fitness BD-33L Lat pulldown attachment, you can transform the case into a complete home gum featuring upper and lower pulleys which allow doing many different types of exercises.

If you include heavy squats in your workout, it is recommended by training experts that you should train with a spotter. However, this is not always potential or possible if you train yourself in a home gym. You need to find a way for safe lifting. The Valor Squat cage is an excellent product for your home use. If you have space and budget, Purchasing the Valor Fitness BD-33 Power Cage is a serious investment for anyone interested in strength training at home environment.

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