Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

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Fitness has been a real issue for all of us. We all are now busy all time with our laptops and tabs. We don’t want to move. If we are at work or home, we like to sit all day. There is really a very little scope in our lives to take care of our fitness.

A gym at our home or at a convenient place can solve the problem of a daily workout. Portable stair steppers are very small exercise machine. It can easily set into any place. No worry to store it. It can be easily put under a table or staircases.

This mini stepper is constructed with heavy duty steels. It can take a great load of about 250 lbs. No real issue on carrying the stepper. It just weighs 38.5 lbs. We can easily set it on our yards or on the bedroom floor.

The exercise step on this machine is gripped properly. There is no chance to slip. It has got hand bands in it. It is helpful to do the hand exercises. With the help of this stair machine arms, chest, shoulder, back and leg workout will be done. That means the whole-body workout is done with this machine. There is a knob to adjust the height of the footsteps to comfortable workout.

It has got a digital monitor attached with the Stairmaster to show the daily counts. We can get the total count, times spend, and calories burned, rep count on that little monitor. Having all the advantages of a stepper machine is really awesome.

Our Remarks

We will not get so many complete portable stair steppers in the market like Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper. Full body work out is possible on this simple stair climber machine. It shows the reading how much effort we are giving on our workout.

This stair climber has got the perfect foot pads with complete grip. It resists the slip during the workout. Comfortable hand bands on the machine have added the value that you cannot deny. We are getting all the gym facility from single portable stair steppers.

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