Schwinn 170 upright exercise bike

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Schwinn stationary bike is a perfect choice for cycling at home. It can bring the feel of real life riding with the help of free social ride app. It's perfectly designed for the fluid and comfortable ride.

This upright stationary bike has got an LCD display to show the status of your fitness and workout. It has got the Bluetooth connectivity. You can download various apps and sync with the bike to get the proper guideline on workout and the stage of your fitness. Schwinn has got their own training app to guide you to your desired fitness.

It has got 28 programs in it. 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness test and one quick start program is there with the bike to help the users. The upright bike is designed with 25 level of resistance. It helps the bikers to achieve all the fitness goal.

Its one of the best upright exercise bikes that you can get. You will get the comfort on this bike that you need. A comfortable padded seat with a post for easy seat exchange comes with the package. The paddles are smooth. There is a loop on the paddle that helps not to slip while cycling. You can adjust the angle of the handle for comfortable riding. The handle is padded with a rubber pad that helps to grip the handle. Without a proper grip on the handle, it’s quite hard for the riders to do the workouts.

Riding this upright exercise bike is really enjoying. You can enjoy your favorite tracks while riding. There are speakers attached to this bike. You can also input mp3 into its port. USB charging port with the bike helps the bikers to charge their cell phone, i-pods. Adjustable fans can be attached to make the upright bikes more comfortable for a rider. When you have got this kind of top quality bike with all the feature, you don’t need to get through all the upright exercise bike reviews.

Our Remarks

Schwinn upright bike is a complete package of fitness. You can add apps to it to check the fitness status of yours. The Schwinn trainer app gives you the feel of real-time riding.

What will you look for an upright exercise bicycle reviews? Isn’t it the flexibility and comfort. It has got a comfortable padded seat that helps to ride comfortably. The grip on the handle is perfect for cycling, and you can also adjust the handlebar if needed. So you are getting all the necessary feature on this Schwinn stationary bike.

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