Fittingguy is a vibrant community of people who prioritize fitness above most things relatd to the lifestyle. Announcing $1,000 as the annual community service scholarship 2018, we make our efforts visible to ensure that financially struggling students who are health-conscious can get help.Fittingguy works to promote awareness among the community and the students who are continuing their higher education at different levels. We encourage people to use different tools like rowing machines and other fitness equipment. We believe students can benefit from our efforts to some extent.

Suitable for Who?

Regularity and good academic standing is a must for the following students who we believe are the most suitable candidates for the community service scholarship 2018.

  • Graduates/Diploma
  • Post-Graduate Students
  • Students seeking admission into similar programs

What procedure must you follow?

All applicants are requested to do the following.

  • Any practical research work, how-to content, step-by-step guidelines, or anything on fitness tools and techniques which will be useful to our community.
  • Word Count: not more than 1000 Words
  • Please submit your article in a .doc/.docx file. Please don’t send your article in a PDF file. Please be informed that we do not accept links to any works.
  • Please include your personal details (name, age, address, contact info, academic info, etc.)
  • Please submit your task on or before (Date)

The Evaluation Criteria

  • Subjectivity (whether the writings are relevant)
  • Linguistic Style
  • Value to the readers
  • Originality

Final Result and Winner

It takes us around a month to complete the evaluation procedure. One month after the submission deadline, we select one winner who becomes entitled to the award. We email and send the formal letter to the winner with our logo and contact information. The next steps will be informed soon enough.