Royal Jade Roller Review

Royal Jade Roller

Are you looking for a tool that can offer cool sensation on your skin without going to spa or saloon? If the answer is yes, then you can try a jade roller which might be a good solution.

The Jade roller is like a mini paint roller, but it has a Jade stone at the end of the handle. The size of the stone varies from model to model.

Well, we are going to talk about Royal Jade Roller which is a modified and well-designed jade roller that can imitate the feeling of cold hands massaging your skin. If you want to know more about this massage roller, read our complete review of Royal Jade Roller.

Royal Jade Roller Overview

The Royal Jade Roller contains pure Jade that attached with a metal handle. The premium quality of Jade helps to reduce tension and black spot from the face.

This jade roller has a unique design. The refined shape offers a smooth massage and healthy treatment for your skin.

Moreover, the Royal Jade Roller will reduce elasticity and puffiness from your skin and enhances your blood circulation throughout the body. Having a reasonable size for your convenient holding, you can easily roll on your face or other parts of the body.


  • Stone type: Jade
  • Handle’s Material: Metal
  • Manual/Handheld Tool
  • Suitable for eye, face, neck and other areas
  • Size: Style 3

Feature Analysis

3.1Made of Pure Jade

The Stone used in face massage roller and body slimmer is pure and fully natural jade. Pure is durable and smooth enough to relax your skin and body. Moreover, the natural jade does not affect the skin.


Royal Jade Roller is not only a face massage tool but also a neck slimmer and skin care tightening tools. It reduces dark circles, puffiness and tension from your skin. This skin care tightening tool also helps in blood circulation.

3.3Full Body Massager

Apart from the face part, the jade massage roller works fine in neck, arms, legs and back part of your body. Whenever and wherever you need a massage and relaxation, you can use it to get a spa-like feel.

Pros & Cons


  • Made from pure jade stone.
  • Suitable for full body, especially as neck slimmer and facelift tool.
  • Distinctive style and design.
  • Pure and natural jade has no side effect on health and skin.


  • Jade stone is fragile

Final Verdict

The Jade is a fragile stone which can be broken if it falls from a high place. You must be careful while carrying and handling the Royal Jade Roller.

Jade facial roller is being used for more than a thousand years. It works for depuffing under eyes. Sometimes, we keep it in the fridge and use the jade roller beneath my lower lash line. Thus, we remove the signs of tiredness from our face.

Royal Jade Roller comes with a set of clear instructions and recommendations. If you buy this product, then try to follow the instructions accordingly to get the best result out it.

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