Rep Soft Medicine Ball

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Are you trying to be fit and slim? If you are doing the research on how to do the workout, then you must have heard about medicine ball throwing. The med ball throwing has the effect both on your upper and lower body. It’s a cool new way to get fit in a short time.

Wondering what is the weight wb of the ball? The weight of this Rep Medicine Ball is 4 lbs. and it provides the lightweight with its quality.The Rep Medicine Ball, often employed in accomplishing something in cross-training as a wall ball.

The best medicine ball needs to be used for the hard training. Medicine balls are made in a way to protect you from further injuries during the workout session. There are several brands that are currently considered as top brands in medicine ball. Rep soft, Amazon basics, Tone fitness and Target exercise ball, is the top quality medicine balls.

Rep soft has got the different weighted ball for you. You can get two to forty pound ball from Rep soft. From all the balls 10 to 12 pound balls are mostly used for a simple workout. You can use more weighted balls for extreme workouts.  It also has got the color variation that you might love.

Some popular steps with the medicine ball are chest pass and shuffle, med ball sit ups, medicine ball v up, rotational throwing, Russian twist, underhand throw for height, heavy slam.

Some people might have confusion on why and how to use slam? Slams are helpful for the back. For doing the slam, you need to be cautious. You need to use the Rep ball that does not bounce. During the slam throw balls hard to improve the strength of your back and arm.

A med ball rebounder can help you in a great way while practicing the throwing with a med ball. It returns the ball smoothly for you and helps to improve the refection of your body. It’s a great assistance to work with a med ball; you don’t need any other person to return the ball when you have a rebounder. You can do most of the throwing steps with the help of a rebounder.

Thinking how long after the blue ball is thrown are the two balls in the air at the same height? The blue ball is comprised of rubber and has a patterned grip over the complete surface. The grip on this ball is similar to a basketball and means you won’t be dropping it, in spite of sweaty arms or hands. The even rubber and surface construction makes it smooth and predictable for workouts easily that connect closely bouncing the ball off walls or floors.

Our Remarks

Rep soft medicine balls are balanced and have got the perfect shape for a workout. A synthetic hand stitched cover is delivered with the ball. It improves the grip of the ball.  This ball is the perfect one for a heavy slam as it does not bounce.

Rep fitness produces the balls by testing all the ball separately. No matter how much pressure you keep or put on the ball maintains the shape. It has got the colors available for you to make your sweaty workout session colorful.

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