Proiron 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review


Brand name PROIRON
Dimensions 37.4 x 18.4 x 14.7 cm
Weight20 Kg
SizePack of 2
Model number PRKCAS20K
Material TypeCast iron
StyleSet of Cast Iron Dumbbells
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An adjustable dumbbell set can be a better outfit for your home gym with different weight plates and various weight combinations to strengthen your particular muscle group. The Proiron adjustable versatile dumbbell set has advanced connecting steel tube to change the dumbbell to a barbell for more convenience exercise to sculpt and strengthen your muscles.

The combination of the extension tube makes it excellent for those, who are trying to enter into the world of weightlifting. It produces more choices for the beginners to build up particular muscle. This can provide you with the best result; because the various weights allow you to perform various exercises. To ensure a safe and secure exercise, the Proiron uses a unique O-ring anti-lose system. The Adjustable dumbbells selected the best material; which is free form phthalate and lead to make it health friendly. The all in one adjustable dumbbell has everything you want in a dumbbell set and reduces your cost of buying other weights.


  • Versatile adjustable dumbbell set
  • Perfect for the beginners
  • Dumbbell to barbell connecting tube
  • Change into barbell handily
  • Variety of weight combination
  • Various muscle training
  • No extra cost for barbell
  • All in one dumbbell set
  • Ergonomic and knurled handlebar
  • Unisex dumbbell set


  • Can’t buy the connecting tube individually
  • The inner hole size of the plates does not mention

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : What is the inside length or diameter of the plates? Is it 1inch?
  • Answer :

    The inner diameter is 25mm or 1inch. The 1inch is universal diameter for the plates; so this will fit well other dumbbell bars.

  • Question : What is the entire size of the bar?
  • Answer :

    The total size of the bar is 81cm. The maximum sized bar is to perform exactly as you need.

Our Remarks

The prime beauty of the dumbbell set is you can turn it into a barbell; it saves your money, adjusting place and give you maximum opportunity to perform multi-dimension exercises for different muscle groups. In the world of advanced equipment’s this set is the latest to meet your home gym demand in a compact package for the upcoming years.

We personally compared this set with several, but if still, you are interested to compare, you can compare this to B00SRJ91BK on Google. The Proiron offers you a complete pack of not only a dumbbell but an extension to a barbell which is easy to assemble and use. You have to think of usefulness of the set and the multi-weight combining ability to set the goal of the highest success of bodybuilding with multi-level muscle training. The Proiron alone is enough, but you have to buy 4 with others. For more versions and models, please search online by these keywords; Bowflex dumbbells, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, best adjustable dumbbells, weight set and more.

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