PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine Review – Build Your Home Gym


Weight168 pounds
Assembled dimensions:80 inches H x 45 inches L x 76 inches W
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The PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine combines free weight power with the safety and control of a machine. With the powerline smith machine, you can push your limits and make faster gains without the help of a spotter. The body solid smith machine uses four 2 inches x 2inches 12-gauge steel pillars to support and guide the patented, super-glide carriage during your most vigorous sets.  The ladder-type mainframe of the smith machine features full length, heavy-duty 12-gauge square pillars with 14 cross member lock-out points to provide a solid foundation for the safety spotter catches during the heaviest routines.

One important high-tech feature of the home smith machine is the dual-lock safety spotter catch system. The catch system prevents the bar from pinning the user in a max-out situation by simply turning the pivot sleeve only 15 degrees. To transfer lifting movements smoothly to the safety spotter catches, deeply knurled single pivot sleeve with positive glide roll radius was created in the smith machine home gym.

The versatile machine’s heavy-duty adjustable safeties equip you for the unexpected situation. Jumbo pop pins are rapidly and simply adjusted to help come to a safer, predetermined stop with greater straight-line stability. The machine has a scratch and rust resistant finish.  The smith machine measures 76 by 80 by 45 inches and carries a 10-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all other parts.

Many people do not have time to gym. So, they want to turn their home into a gym for a routine workout. The Marcy smith machine is one type of home fitness equipment that is an ideal choice for every home gym. Smith machine is another home gym equipment. But weight lifted on a smith machine is not the same as free weights. Smith machine forces the bar into a vertical path, so you do not have to control it. The smith machine weight bar varies. Some weigh the standard 20 kg.

Marcy diamond elite from the manufacture Marcy offers an all-in-one workout station for serious home gym strength training. If you are serious about taking your workout to the advanced level, then you should consider buying a Marcy diamond elite smith machine. If you are really serious enough to tone and strengthen all of your muscle groups, then you can consider having Marcy combo smith machine.

The machine is like an all-in-one home gym. But the best smith machine could be all-in-one Home gym smith machine SM-4008 by Marcy. If budget is a concern for you can buy used smith machine. Several websites feature used the smith machine for sale. So, you can buy your Smith product from one of them.


  • Great price
  • Well -constructed
  • Requires less space to set up
  • Perfect for home gym
  • Superior to barbell squats
  • Do not need a spotter
  • Extra-long twin carriages with super-glide nylon bushings
  • The ladder-type mainframe
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge square pillars
  • Dual-lock safety spotter catch system

Our Remarks

The PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine is a true powerhouse where a sophisticated combination of free weight power and resistance coupled with the safety and control taken place. The all in one home gym unit is ideal for everything from squats to bench presses to shoulder shrugs. The machine’s extra-long twin carriages have long-life patented super-glide nylon bushing offer frictionless movement. It holds at least 225 pounds.

This machine does not have a counterbalance, and the bar does not tilt side-to-side. But the machine is very smooth. On this smith machine, the bar is attached to the machine. So, you do not need to purchase a separate bar. The bar weighs 30 pounds. The weights are sold separately. Finally, it is a great price product for your home gym.

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