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A Pilates machine is suitable for any kind of exercise on it. There is really no exercise that you can’t do on a pilates reformer machine. It’s really helpful to get rid of your extra fat. Regular 20 to 30 minutes on it can give the shape that you want.

Bayou total trainer is a complete solution for your fitness. It’s a durable gym kit. On this kit, a 6 feet tall person can easily fit in, and it is able to take about 400 lbs on it. That means it is a machine for the long run. Bayou fitness total trainer Dlx needs some space to set it up, but it can be folded and rolled to a corner to make it convenient for you.

This reformer machine has got chrome plated side to make the workout smooth and comfortable. The glide board perfectly cushioned. It will not pinch on your back. It might not create an injury to the muscles. There is shoulder support also. It makes the pilates reformer more supportive of a person.

It has got 21 level of resistance to make the workout a sweaty one. It is a  total trainer home gym with Toe bar, Shoulder pads, Resistant bands, Dual leg cuffs, Instructional pilates video. This has got the total trainer parts for you to exercise in a proper way.

For strength training, you will get all straps, pulleys and handles to improve your strength by all means. Total gym parts come with the Bayou Fitness  Pilates. It is able to lose your weight and make you fit.

With the help of the pilates at home, you will able to do the workout at a flexible time. It has got all the support to do all the steps of work out on a single machine.

Our Remarks

This Pilates reformer machine has got total trainer parts to achieve all the level of workout. All the necessary parts come with the machine to make this machine a total trainer power pro. All the fitness goal is achievable using this Pilates machine.

Bayou Fitness  Pilates has got series of products for a home gym. Total trainer Dlx ii, Total trainer Dlx iii is available gym tool. These tools are very useful to save the time and money. Using these tools, you don’t need to go to the gym for the workout you will be able to do all the required steps to be fit at home. Regular work out on this Pilates will give you the perfect shape of your body.

You may find total gym fit reviews to buy a pilates machine. The total gym has a collection of the machine of the home gym, but they are a high price. You can look for the total gym for sale. Total gym fit for sale offers home gym products at a lesser price.

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