Luxfit Foam Roller Review – Extra Firm With 3 Year Warranty


Sizes available6x36, 6x18, 6x12
MaterialPolypropylene Foam
Density2 lbs. /Cubic foot
Warranty1-year limited warranty
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Working in an identical position for a long time and now feeling pain in a specific part of your body area? You might have developed the myofascial pain which is caused by repetitive motion. How to get relief from this kind of pain? A simple technique is to use a foam roller. By using foam rollers, you will be able to take care of the muscles without the help of others. Which foam roller should you use? After spending some time we have found Lux fit foam roller which is high in density and remains in the same shape no matter how hard you go on it. Now let's have a good look at this Luxfit foam roller whether will it be enough for the relaxation of your muscles or not.


  • High-density foam roller
  • Helpful to release the muscle tension
  • Prevents muscle injury
  • Remains the same even after a hard workout with it
  • Great solution to back pain and back exercises


  • Not a textured muscle roller got the chance to slide anytime

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Is there any user guide with the package?
  • Answer :

    No, it’s a real bare exercising gear from the manufacturer, but you don’t need to be worried about it. There is lot’s fitness video on YouTube about using a fitness roller.

  • Question : How we should determine the size of the body roller?
  • Answer :

    It’s better to get the highest size the 36ʺ one. You will be able to place it vertically and lay the whole back on it. It helps to work on the back comfortably with various moves.

  • Question : What size roller would you suggest for a 6′8ʺ tall guy?
  • Answer :

    No doubt it’s the 6x36 massage roller it’s not like I’m suggesting you the highest size for your great height. I will suggest the same for a relatively short person also as the longer roller gives better control over the rolling.

Our Remarks

To buy anything the budget is a fact. This Luxfit roller is one of the best foam rollers because of its lower price with the quality. Comparing to other brands, it gives you the financial relax also. Moreover, like the other foam roller Luxfit is not only a foam roller for the back but also efficiently works on legs and arms. So there is really no reason to go for the Luxfit foam roller.

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