LEMOND Exercise Bike In 2018 Fairly For All

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Mulling over more calories you take daily? Want to burn calories to lead a healthy life? If this goes with you, you should exercise on a regular basis to get rid of this with the help of a proper exercise bike such as LEMOND Exercise Bike which is suitable for indoor cycling. For this reason, you will need a Spin Bike.

Out on the market, the Stationary bikes come in a wide range of price based on numerous features and types. The recumbent bike and the spin bike are the two most popular types of stationary bikes where the main difference lies in the Flywheel. It requires a good amount of energy and physical effort to spin the heavier flywheel which depends on the motion of your cycling.

The LEMOND Exercise Bike offers the high-quality performance that you can expect from such a brand. The RevMaster Sport Indoor Cycling Bikes come equipped with a durable x-frame design and steel tubing which ensure a stable footing on the pedals. This bike offers you a great workout, and it will not cause other issues like creating noise, space limitations, if it is easy to move, and whether it gets the look to name a few.


Dimension46-inch x 23-inch x 42-inch
Weight110 lbs.
Max user weight 300 lbs.
Min User Height 4-ft 6-in
Max User Height 6-ft 6-in
Flywheel Weight41 lbs.
Resistance Type Friction
Handlebars Adjustability Horizontal/Vertical
Drive TypeKevlar Belt
Custom Crank Forged crank; 2-piece bottom bracket
Pedals Toe Cages
Warranty on Parts3 years

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : What is the Q Factor of the Spin Bike? Does it matter?
  • Answer :

    The Q Factor is a strange term. it is the horizontal distance between the crank where the left and right pedals attach to the crank. Basically, it is a good idea to keep it reasonably narrow to make you feel more natural when riding. The more efficient the tread is the fewer chances are there in falling knee injury.

  • Question : Is this Kevlar belt suitable for HIIT training?
  • Answer :

    Yes, absolutely. This belt is precisely designed for HIIT training. You will get on the bike, lean forward and start riding at a slow pace until you cover the distance which you need to set up early.  Now try to pull the entire pressure on your legs.

  • Question : Does this bike include a computer monitor?
  • Answer :

    No, it does not include such a helpful feature which is a must-have option in these days. Lacking a computer monitor is not quite a right option to look for a machine of such quality.

Our Remarks

To conclude, the RevMaster Sport Indoor Cycling Bike is a stylish bike which you can place anywhere in your home since nobody will see it as an eyesore. It comes with a sturdy construction which can provide you a steady ride at any intensity. Two things are sure if you buy the LEMOND Exercise Bike: a high-quality bike from a renowned brand and the bike is undoubtedly a right fit for those who have the adjustment capabilities. At least, for these two positives, this is a good bang for your buck for sure.

The lack of a console and all poor warranties with the RevMaster Spin Bike, however, you can look at other options like the EFITMENT Indoor Cycling Bike. The EFITMENT IC014 is a spin bike comes in nearly at same spec but at much lower price, and with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. If you need more resistance, especially for a mid-level user, the LEMOND indoor cycling bike is a stand on option. Plus, this spin bike can also deliver you high RPMs which will not make you feel more runaway.

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