Double Prong Harbinger Weight Belt For Great Support


MaterialSynthetic Leather
Buckle in frontDouble Prong
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A workout belt or gym belt is a useful piece of gear to which is helpful for your strength arsenal, and these weight training belts are mainly used to keep safe from getting injured. It also gives support to the torso during heavier movements. The use of the best powerlifting belt gives extra support around the torso to a strength athlete so that it adds safety for a lift.

Every strong athlete can benefit from choosing a Harbinger weight belt that is exactly suitable for their sport. A powerlifter or a strongman athlete often prefers a cylinder-shaped belt. This is a kind of a stylish belt that evenly wraps around the torso. This type of athlete will typically want a stiffer, or more rigid belt for strength movements, as they are often pushing, squatting, and deadlifting. When you use the best lifting belt, it gives you proper support to your abdominals, and as a result, it helps to keep your spine straight. In case it gets bend while heavy lifting, you may suffer from a severe injury. Furthermore, you must know how to breathe in a proper way during heavy lifts while wearing a belt.


  • This belt is cost efficient
  • The leather which is used as the materials of the belt is rigid
  • The power lifting belts can deliver you the maximum support
  • The posterior pad of the belt is felt comfortable


  • These harbinger belts come with rigid leather which you can feel rough on your skin

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : When to wear this weightlifting belt?
  • Answer :

    Ideally, you must use this weightlifting belt for workouts when it requires to use it for your lower back. Remember that, the basics of using it to compensate your weak cores.

  • Question : When you should not wear this belt?
  • Answer :

    You should not wear this belt when doing workouts in seated or lying down on your back for example seated military press, sit-ups or chest bench press, or leg extension.

Our Remarks

The Harbinger Weight Belts are the standard leather belt that accommodates to several types of athletes. Its extra pad will make you feel, and you can enjoy how well it allows the powerlifting belt to hug your torso. These are the best weight lifting belts which would be an excellent option for the occasional weightlifter for such a reasonable price though, serious athletes, especially weightlifters may prefer a higher-end strap. Furthermore, you will find some comfort issues with the belt on the subject of how you feel it on bare skin. To sum up, this leather weightlifting belt is an excellent option for both the recreational lifter and even for some serious athletes.

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