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Using Iron gym workout bar, all the upper body workout can be done with ease. Chin up, pull up there is nothing that you can’t do with the help of this door bar. It’s a perfect multi gym pro instrument for home.

This gymnastics door bar is completely a metal frame. You don’t need to drill holes to set the Iron Gym workout bar. You can simply set the bar to the top of the door trim, and the handle comes round to the other side of the door. It uses a bar to set on top the door. This bar is able to take on about 300 lbs. It’s a great weight to take on by a pull-up door bar.

Power 90 is now a very program among the people who want to lose the extra weight in a short time. It’s a 90-day program. 6 days per week that means 15 weeks to get fit again. David Horton created this 90-day program and published it as a series of a fitness program. P90X has got the sequel named p90x2 and p90x3 where you can get the proper training to get fit. You will get the complete fitness training there. p90 have got their durable p90x to pull up bar and p90 x chinup bar also to help their viewers.

If you want to check out some quality gym equipment, there is a lot of option for you. Mike's fitness equipment is a renowned fitness equipment seller where you can get all the necessary gym equipment at a reasonable price.

Searching for gym instruments and trying to find the proper way to workout you might have gone through the term gorilla gym. You must have gone through gorilla gym reviews to get the idea. This term actually refers to children. Using the door bar, you can set a rope for your child to climb or set a swing for the kids to make the home enjoying for them.

Our Remarks

With the help of the gymnastics door bar all the upper body work out can be done with this single instrument. It has got different positions to hold the bar. So all the move like chin up, pull up, wide, narrow, neutral all kind of work out can be simply done with this door bar.

This door bar is completely a metal frame door bar. It's durable to take up to 300 lbs weight on it. You can set the door bar as kids playing zone by adding ropes and swings to it. This makes the door bar also enjoying for the kids also.

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