Tribe Gym Accessories Are Suitable For Physical Therapy & Yoga

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The resistance bands are a smart invention in the field of physical exercise. With the delicate, fashionable and sporty look, this gym accessories attracts even the non-athletes. It decorates your reading room or drawing room by its attractive colors and makes people think, that you are passionate about fitness. The 11 pc athletic bands are premium resistance bands combining 5 different resistance and color. The bands are perfect for resistance training, physical therapy, home workouts, yoga, and pilates. The best exercise equipment or the best workout equipment come with pro accessories kit, 2 cushioned soft-grip handles, 1 door-safe anchor, 2 soft ankle straps and a water resistance carrying bag.

The tribe fitness teams with their 10 years of experience manufacturing silicone products which are extra thick and will not dry out, deform or snap. For custom weight resistance, you can combine more bands up to 105lbs. you can start up with 35llbs and work your way up to 40lbs, including 5lbs bands. These gym sources are capable of any combination of intensity with the metal multi-clip system from 5lbs to 105lbs. To customize your upper body and lower body workout, you can use the versatile combination of weight tension resistance.


Product Dimensions 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.3 in 12.99 x 9.41 x 2.6 in 6.42 x 3.58 x 1.29 in
Color5 color
Pieces11pc athletic series

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I hock this to the door?
  • Answer :

    It’s not in fact hook. It’s a strap or belt with a small ball in one end. The ball holds between the doors and allows you to set the bands on another side for exercise.

  • Question : Can be used by those bands as an alternative to pull up bar?
  • Answer :

    Yes, you can, but it relays on how much load you will create. It combined resistance is 105lbs if you are in this range, then why not.Bottom of Form

Our Remarks

These are premium resistance bands with maximum resistance. You can combine the bands for customized resistance. It comes with pro accessory kits and total of 11 PCs. These are cushioned, distinguished, extra thick, versatile and in a waterproof bag. It’s perfect for athletics and non-athletics and heals muscle pain and joint pain. If you wish to make a comparison, you can compare this to XCEX-01 online. The Tribe Gym accessories are compact and added with multi-resistance pro accessories. You can apply much more combination of resistance to attain the desired workout.

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