Goplus Magnetic Rower Review

Goplus Magnetic Rower

Following a weight loss schedule can be tough if you're new to the job or don't have the right equipment in place. Having a rowing machine saves you from undergoing different rigors of weight loss. Having Goplus Magnetic Rower may add to the goodness of the idea of adding a rower to your list of weight loss tool. Finding it hard to believe? There might be some valid reasons. Let's reveal what lies in real.

The manufacturer of this rowing machine is Goplus. This machine is suitable for people with weight loss objectives and bodybuilding pursuits. Some people have found this machine very helpful as their purpose was to increase stamina. So, it is understandable t

hat Goplus Magnetic Rower is capable of catering to a wide variety of physical workout needs.

Goplus Magnetic Rower Overview

Fitness is important for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle at any age. Goplus rowers help you to be fit without even wasting your time and money for the gym. Regular exercising with this folding rowing machine can help you to burn calories. It can burn 600 calories per hour on an average.

Besides that, working out with this rower is a safe and low-impact way of losing weight and building muscles. Its durable construction gives you long-lasting usability, and ultra-smooth feature enhances the comfort level.

You can also count calories burnt per minute with the calorie meter which is attached to its body. Now you can feel the gym like environment at home.

To know more about the Goplus Magnetic Rower in details, go through further sections of this review.


  • Steel and plastic constructed the body
  • 70″L x 21″W x 19″H open side
  • 49″ folded height
  • 10″ x 14″ seat measurement
  • 3″ x 12″ pedal measurement
  • 100″ sliding distance
  • 6lbs flywheel weight
  • 49lbs product weight
  • 220lbs capacity

Feature Analysis

3.1An Adjustable Rower

This Goplus rower is considered to be an adjustable rower. It has a magnetic tension system which is adjustable resistant up to 10 levels. Its durable steel construction has enhanced the resistance power more times, and smooth feature makes it perfect for a home gym without any unwanted noise.

3.2LCD Console Display

The rower has calorie counter attached to its body. The counter has LCD console display, which shows total calorie count per minute. So, you can measure the number of calories burned every day with the rower.

3.3Comfortable Sitting

The seat of the rower is fully covered with a pad. This gives you a comfortable fitting into the seat so that you can use it for a longer period without having any back pain.

3.4No Slip Grip

A major accident can occur if the handlebars slip from your hand or your feet slip over the paddles. It can cause major muscle or bone injury or even breakage. To keep you safe the manufacturer has added no-slip grip and pads to its handle and paddle.

3.5Safe and Effective

This magnetic rower is safe for use. It is an effective way to reduce your body weight without giving much pressure on your body. This rower targets all your major muscles so that the excise can affect the whole body.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Fits in the corner
  • Durable and safe
  • Suitable for all age


  • Paddle straps are loose

Final Verdict

The rower is good enough to let you think of continuing your weight loss tasks without worrying about the common hassles. Although, some of our fellows have complained that the straps on the paddle cannot be fitted with their feet very easily. This makes their feet slip over the paddle. You should reduce the length of the strap and adjust with your feet.

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