Genmine 3D Face Massager Review

Genmine 3D Face Massager

Do you want to get rid of muscles pain, tension, and knots? Face massage rollers is a popular solution as a skincare tool. You might be wondering why they are so popular. Well, face massage tool detoxifies your skin and protect skin from aging. If you would like to boast a rejuvenated face, read our review of Genmine 3D Face Massager to know if it really suits your preferences.

Genmine 3D Face Massager Overview

Genmine 3D Face Massager is manufactured based on kneading technology. The three-dimensional head is designed to suit the whole body parts.

The key to using a Genmine 3D Face Massager is to roll the heads upwards on the body parts. That is why the 3D massage roller has 360 degrees rotating heads so that you can use it in anywhere you want.

The advantage of using this massager is its texture. As you roll, your skins are relaxed and stretched. It increases blood circulation without affecting the skin on a deeper level.


  • Color: Silver.
  • Material: ABS body with Aluminum alloy.
  • Microcurrent: About 38 uA.
  • Size: About 149*92*61mm/ 5.87in*3.62in*2.40in.
  • Weight: 190g

Feature Analysis

3.1360 Degree Design

This waterproof face massage roller has Y-shape design with 360 rotating head. The rotating heads are designed to adjust face skins along with whole body parts. It can be used on could on your face, back, arms or anywhere you want to massage.

3.2Prevent From Aging

It enhances blood circulation of the skin and body part which is why your skin will receive more blood than normal rate. Thus it works as Anti-aging tools.

3.3Safe Design

Genmine 3D Face Massager is made of Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials. The ABS resin used in this roller is hard, glossy, tough and electrically insulating. The overall structure is environmental-friendly and does not affect your skin and health.

Pros & Cons


  • Waterproof body slimmer or facelift tool
  • A 360-degree rotating design
  • The curved handle ensures easy adjustment
  • Uses 38 UA microcurrent
  • Helps prepare your skin before using products
  • Helps make other beauty products more effective
  • Prevents skins from aging and tightens skins
  • Easy to use and transport.


  • Slightly overpriced

Final Verdict

Genmine 3D Face Massager can help you relax without being limited per the age of the user. Apart from these general features, we found that it helps to relief sport-related injuries as well as soreness. If you use it regularly on your skin, you will find differences within a month.

Though the price of this face massage tool is slightly high, you may feel happy with the services of this roller. So, buy a Genmine 3D Face Massager and get rid of painful knots!

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