Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower Review – 550 Lbs Pull Up Tower


Product Dimensions 30.7"(L)x 42.5"(W)x 84.7"(H)
Weight60.5 lbs.
Size10.2"x 17.9"x 2.0"
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Very few pull up dip stations are as popular as the Weider Power Tower out there. It is such a pull-up station which can give a pleasant user experience and also comes at a reasonable price point no doubt. It is a value ratio equipment with utter satisfaction. It is highly important to maintain a lean with muscular physique for fitness enthusiasts.

The fitness power tower is budget priced which comes with relatively good quality along with durable design. This workout tower allows for a wide variety of bodyweight workouts. If you are in the hunt for a bodyweight power station that will make you able to do an excellent upper body and core workout which will not cost a significant amount of money, then the perfect one for you is the Weider.


  • The oblate reinforced frame of this power tower station is made of steel
  • Adjustable height dip-Station is advantageous which can help you reach your fitness goals with this Power Tower
  • The bottom tube of the bar is 4mm thick, and stable tube frame is capable of supporting heavyweight
  • Handles have anti-slip grips for non-skid workouts
  • Training arm, chest, shoulders, back, leg muscles and abdominal muscles
  • The assembly is not quite difficult


  • Assemble this workout equipment is not an easy task. For example, assembling a pull-up stand is too hard for someone who is not get acquainted with how to put together.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : What is the size of the footprint?
  • Answer :

    The size of the footprint is 60 inches by 30 inches. Therefore, it is not so small but does not occupy so much space.

  • Question : What is the width of the pull bar? Is it adjustable?
  • Answer :

    The pull bar is 42-inch wide. No, it is not adjustable.

  • Question : How much clearance distance is there between the legs or base?
  • Answer :

    The clearance distance between legs or base is 20.87 inches.

  • Question : What are the dimensions of the tower base?
  • Answer :

    The dimensions are: length - 30.7inches, Width: 42.5 – inches.

Our Remarks

No matter if you are a trained athlete or a beginner, Weider Power Tower is suitable for all. If you want something solid with greater dimensions, there are Body Champ power Tower and Gold's Gym XR 10.9 for core and upper body training. But any of these would create problems if there is not much space on the floor in your home gym. If you are searching for exercise equipment at an affordable price or excellent value ratio for your home gym so that you can perform most helpful bodyweight workouts, this power tower is one of the best options to buy. This gym tower is perfect for upper body training to build strength and offers an excellent user experience.

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