Body Solid GMP65 Review – PEC Fly Machine


Dimension28ʺ× 65ʺ× 32ʺ
Steel frame2ʺ× 2ʺ
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To develop your every body part a single pectoral fly machine can be very efficient. Chest, back, shoulders, pecs, and deltoids all body parts can be improved by using this Body solid GPM 65.

The pectoral fly machine is made of strong steel frames. 2 by 2 frames are used in this machine. Body solid has been producing high-quality exercise machines for over 20 years. We can simply rely on this company for our fitness. In this pec deck, you will get thick seat and backrest. That gives you the comfort to sit for hours and keep the work out going. The machine is really helpful to improve your body shape in a short time.

It’s an adjustable peck deck that can be used by any size of users. This adjustment makes it an automatic choice for the home users and also the for the gym. A range of people can easily work out on this machine and tighten their muscles. The dual overhead variable resistance of the machine helps to work on the upper arms independently. It offers the unilateral and bilateral conditioning range of motion from this chest fly machine. This helps the users for full, deep stretches.

The low profile design of this pec fly machine provides balance and control. The dimension of the machine is just 65ʺ×32ʺ×28ʺ. You will get a lifetime limited warranty with this machine. Body solid pec deck fly machine has got the features to meet the  challenge of the today’s busy lifestyle while providing the advanced home and gym exercise.


  • Two pieces of equipment in one compact machine
  • Well balanced
  • Dual overhead and variable cams are helpful to operate each arm independently with a full range of motion
  • Articulated arms to for unilateral and bilateral chest development
  • Durable steel frame
  • Space-saving design to suit any space
  • Dual overhead
  • Variable resistance cams
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra thick and super tough seat and back pads
  • Adjustable to accommodate any size user

Our Remarks

Body-Solid GPM65 is a perfect choice for home as well as it can be the ultimate choice for heavy-duty fly machine gym that allows all the users to be fit and perfect.

GPM 65 is a very effective cable fly machine to build the muscles. Arms, chest, back, pec all the muscles can be improved using this single machine. It’s an affordable machine for both home and institutions. If home users need something in less price may look for pec deck machine for sale, they might get a machine a bit less price when it's on the sale.

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