Body Solid Cable Crossover Review – Functional Trainer Machine


Dimension83.5-inch (H) x 164-inch (L) x 29-inch (W)
Model NumberGDCC250
Weight586 lbs.
No of Cable Handles2
Cable Positioning 180-degree
Weight Stacks 2x 160 lbs.
Size of Oval Tube 2-inch x 4-inch
Pull-up Bar Adjustment Dual Position
Frame Components GradeCommercial 11-gauge
Pulleys and Locking Material Fiberglass Armored Nylon
Attachment Connection TypeUniversal
Warranty Body Solid’s Lifetime!
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Think about the new trend in the market. There is a mass who are running towards it. The people desire to get fit and healthy. There is a known saying that sound mind in a sound body. And this starts with gyms, yoga session and exercise to healthy meals and bodybuilding challenges – everyone is into one thing or more. If you want to workout at your convenient time, you can find many trainer machines which are easy, versatile and something you are seeking for your home gym. Among the many types of equipment, one is the Body Solid Functional training cable crossover machine.


  • 20 independent height adjustments for a comfortable grip in multiple positions
  • 180-degree cable positioning for resistance without friction in all directions.
  • Includes 2x 160 pounds weight stacks and able to work on up to 210 pounds with an optional upgrade on both sides
  • Dual position pull-up bar for adjustable width spacing allows users for full extension and contraction
  • Its spun steel cables are thick enough along with the aircraft quality ensure that it can bear a load of 2500 pounds
  • Powder coat finish resists the tube material from cracking and corrosion


  • This equipment is a bit expensive than other Body Solid machines

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Do the Cables need any sort of maintenance to keep the unit moving smoothly?
  • Answer :

    No. Fortunately, it does not require any type of maintenance. Check the pulleys periodically for being sure of that there is no debris which can cause obstruction. Lube the guide rods with Teflon or Silicone based lubricant to flow it smoothly.

  • Question : Will it adding extra weight fit the trainer?
  • Answer :

    Absolutely! Remove the weight plate risers first. The steel cylindrical object holds up the weight stack. Then add the add-on plate.

  • Question : What is the width spacing measurement between the uprights?
  • Answer :

    It is 164-inch on the floor. This longest dimension measures from left to right and this width spacing allows users for full extension.

Our Remarks

That’s being said; the Body Solid Functional Training Dual Cable Machine is one of many trending gym equipment for your home gym. There is a mass who are fitness freaks and want to lose weight straight away, no doubt; you will find this machine at their home. So, they are in demand; you will see the cable crossover machine for sale out in the market in large number. In case you are conscious of the price, there are Lat Pull Down Machines like Powerline PLM180X. But, the trainers can provide fewer opportunities for exercises. However, if you are looking for effective workouts, this is the right pick.

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