Beurer Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review for Every Athlete


Dimensions0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches
Weight4.3 ounces
Warranty2 years
IncludesHeart straps
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Trying to work on your total body fitness and started to spend time in the gym or personally at home? After all the sweaty session are you being able to get the data how much calories and fat you burned? There is a question why would I need to know all these things. Really it does not carry that much significance when you feel fit and seems to be fit. Here if you have a heart rate monitor and give you the correct output of your training session nothing going to be changed but you get the right view of your fitness level and you can try to go further to reach the fitness goal.

When there is a fitness target running back of your mind you need to keep the record and need to work hard to beat the personal records and get fit bit by bit. So, how are you going to keep track of all the complex counting of heart rate, calorie and fat burn? The Beurer Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes with the traditional watch that provides the complex reading of heart rate and other reading that indicates the physical condition to some extent. In the following section, we are going to discuss this Beurer product where you would get the chance to judge whether you need it or not in order to track your fitness level.


  • Comes with a strap to set on the chest which is connected with the watch to show heart rate
  • Programmable target heart rate settings
  • Fat burning info
  • Calories consumption info
  • Time and Date


  • Vulnerable battery life

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : What is the approximate lifetime of the battery with this wrist heart rate monitor?
  • Answer :

    You will get a CR 2032 battery with it according to the manufacturer it should last 28 months if a user uses it for 1 hour daily but a heavy user of this watch might not enjoy this long service.

  • Question : How long it can resist under water?
  • Answer :

    According to the manufacturer, it can last up to 30 minutes under water.

  • Question : How the chest strap transmits the signal?
  • Answer :

    It uses an analog signal transmission to pass the heart rate to the watch.

Our findings


It’s an electronic watch that can also measure your heart rate as long as the battery is running we hope it will be providing the expected service. All the heartbeat monitor commonly tracks the pulse and from that data, the machine with its own algorithm gets the result how much fat and calorie burned throughout the session.

General users who do not like to spend time on hard physical training can try this watch while walking or jogging. It will help the users to motivate regularly. You will be able to set new targets to burn the calories.

How you can get the best results? The chest strap is a must to get the best result you should not buy any heart monitor without the strap. Keep the strap clean it will help to get the best reading of the pulse. Measure the max heart rate and the average heart rate from that you will find a better view of your heart rate and fitness.

It has got the water resistance so you will be able to use it while swimming but the reading is not guaranteed. So you can see this simple watch is not as simple as it looks.

Ease of use

It’s just like a traditional wristwatch that comes with the fitness information. You just need to tie the watch simply like the wristwatch on your hand and the chest strap just under the chest to get the best pulse from it. You might have seen people keeping the sensor in the lower middle of the chest.

How to use and maintain the watch?

How should we use the strap provided with the item?

To get the heart rate using the provided strap you need to set it just below the chest over your heart to get the best reading.

How often need to change the battery?

Beurer uses a 3V lithium-ion battery for this PM 25 model heart rate watch. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last up to 28 months if you use it daily for an hour.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Our research says it’s a quality product that can help you to get the fat and calories burn in the right way. We have found people who compared it with polar HR and it showed up a great consistency. The results were quite the same. Some of the users found that it does not show the reading right may be the strap is not being able to get their pulse in the right way. It has got an excellent battery that lasts long but we have found a user who cursed it for the battery. It seems you can’t completely rely on the quality of an electronic product.

Our Final Thoughts

When trying to improve the physical condition it really gets tough for all of us to start the training and continue. You will need something that helps to keep you motivated and our research shows if you have some gadgets like Beurer heart rate monitor watch it will help to keep motivated.

A heart monitoring gadget might get you fit but it will sure help you get the pulse reading and will help you push yourself to set a new target of calorie and fat burning daily and get fit. Be fit and be happy!

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