ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks Review


Socks are important accessories for those who loves shoes and wear them a lot. The significance of a pair of socks is best understood by persons who wear shoes on a daily basis and are to keep their feet inside the shoes for prolonged duration. To rock climbers, socks are even more conducive accessories. ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks are almost a familiar name many people are found to utter as they go shopping a pair.

After the first use, it simply caught our attention. The No-Show socks can go wrong if they slip off in shoes. If socks go wrong, then we think to remove as early as possible. Let us get into more features in this ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks review.

ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks Overview

ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks are made of Olefin fiber which is a signature material of Swiftwick, the manufacturer.  Olefin fiber has complex fabric compositions to make these socks high performing and lightweight.

The arch band reduces stress on your foot for all-day comfort. For the breathability, these socks have Mesh knitting and Y-shape stitch. They ensure a perfect fit to make users feel like having the real skin on their heel.


  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Weight:32 ounces
  • Materials: 100% fiber, Olefin fiber

Feature Analysis

3.1Signature Fibers

Swiftwick uses Olefin fiber which is composed of 55% nylon, 40% Olefin fiber and 5% spandex. This composition provides premium fits and ultimate comforts by wicking moisture and drying quickly.

3.2Machine Washable

ASPIRE ZERO socks are very easy to care as they can be washed in machines, warm water and do not require any bleach.

3.3Simple Design and Decorative

ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks are available in 13 different colors. So, you can relax and reflect the artwork of the footie socks. ASPIRE ZERO No-Show Socks features arch compression band and thin channeled upper for support and breathability to reduce friction in the high impact area of the foot.

3.4Mesh Knitting Stitch Patterns

The foot bed of these socks is designed with mesh knitting stitch patterns with the Y-shaped curving outline. Additionally, the seamless toe is there to reduce friction with toe box and shoes. The mesh knitting patterns do not slide. The contour will grip your foot for strong support.

3.5High-Performance Socks

People demand the best support from their socks to make their busy life happy. ASPIRE ZERO Socks provide a wide range of cushion and cuff heights are designed for tracking, road running and tracking. We think that these socks are not just a piece of fabric. They are more than that.

Pros & Cons


  • Signature OLEFIN fiber composition
  • Machine washable
  • Arch compression band at the top
  • Mesh knitting stitch for breathability
  • Moisture wicking
  • Y-shape stitched curves


  • Not suitable for Winter

Final Verdict

ASPIRE ZERO Socks are designed for high-performance shoes that are suitable for running, biking, hiking, fitness, business travel and every day’s workload. As it contains no wool, it may not be ideal for use in winter. Except for this, the socks should be good enough to cover your feet with comfort.

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